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76 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • No existing update & flagged as Virus

  • It want's you to install a separate exe, Don't use this program

  • Cannot find a way to install the extra program this requires on a Mac. Have some experience of using Terminal and am very IT literate, without being an IT professional, but can not get this off the ground with the instructions supplied.

  • Doesn't work. No explanation offered. Mozilla should remove it.

  • Does not work, require an update that does not exist

  • GCcommunicator.exe is recognized as malware by Malwarebytes

  • Doesn't work. A necessary add-on, GCcommunicator.exe, is not available (web page is 404 not found).

  • Good

  • süperrr

  • Seems to be misconfigured or abandoned; the "connector" application always says you have to update to a new version, since the latest addon is version 63, but the website only has version 62, so it basically will never work until the creator comes back to fix it.

  • Love Doing Swagbucks just have to get better at it..

  • No funciona

  • It doesn't work.

  • C x

  • Cant believe it !!!
    The only "Open with" extension listed now and it has VIRUS !!!

    fucking cant believe it

  • It doesn't work. The communicator wont install.

  • Tries to get you to download an extra file that my antivirus identified as having trojans in it

  • Malware

  • Useless waste of time

  • Read the comments below!

  • Doesn't work with latest ffox on OSX. Links to forbidden/broken website for GC communicator (what ever that is) DL.

  • trojan and malware, do not install
    it asks for another program in order to run, antivirus rteccts it as a Trojan Virus.

  • Fordert nach installation zum Download einer Datei auf die laut Avira eine Adware Virus enthält Äußerste Vorsicht!!!!!!!!!

  • It doesnt work, requires installing other non verified software. It is not customizable, the web address point to an unexisting page.
    Looks very much like malware, Do not install

  • V