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69 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • Only request that I can't see has already been made, is to make this add-on no-restart. Restarting the browser to install an extension like this seems like it should be unnecessary.

    *EDIT* Just found something I assumed this add-on could facilitate, also - Open GZIP or ZLIB compressed files in browser, without decompression by separate utility beforehand. Currently when trying to open a GZIP compressed file (without a file extension), the only option this add-on gives is to "View Source", not "[Open in] Web Browser".

  • Would be great if it could also be programmed to allow the URL and/or file contents to be passed to a specific file via command line (along with other arguments). Would also be great if behaviors could be made site-specific...

  • Amazing , can't live without it anymore, pity that Firefox goes back in this matters

  • similar to the view-source option could you add support for jar

  • Awesome.You can even add your own mimetypes using the "extensions.openinbrowser.additional_mimes" setting.

    It would be even better if you could use the "Do this automatically for files like this from now on" checkbox with it, though.

  • "Open in Browser" works well enough but it would be EVEN BETTER if you were allowed to save your preferences for certain files. For example, I installed this add-on just so I wouldn't have to save every image I wanted to view. But now I have to tell Firefox to open the image in the browser everytime, which is what I was trying to avoid doing in the first place. Hopefully they can fix this in the near future with an update or two.

    -T. nerve84

  • Very useful!

    Feature suggestion: word-wrap. Unfortunately many text files are difficult to read without it (constant horizontal scrolling, back and forth!).

  • Fills the weird gap in firefox of really obvious and expected functionality: to open something in the browser when you use the browser to open it!

  • Works great, but a minor annoyance has popped up under Firefox 17 . . . The save dialog looks normal for most types, but the dialog for executables isn't resizing properly; and the buttons are half on screen and half off screen at the bottom of the dialog. Disabling this extension fixes the issue, and reenabling it brings it back.

  • Just installed this. was searching around for this functionality, thanks a lot.

  • Works sometimes. I have a financial site that uses Content-Disposition = attachment for pdf files. It also uses Content-Type = Application/pdf.

    Even with this add-on, for this site FF asks me to save the pdf and does not display it in FF.

    Note: that in Preferences > Applications "Display in Firefox" is selected.

  • Very good add on, I just wish I could change the default selection to Image instead of Text.

  • brilliant

  • This addon realy should be built-in as others have stated!

    Although it would be greatly appreciated if it would open documents in new tab instead of current open tab or at least a checkbox in settings that allows this.

  • Great extension, I hate some of the sites without these basic usability.

    I notice a bug though. On wallpaperswide.com, downloaded images has open in browser as text by default.

  • Finding this add-on is more important for your life than finding Jesus.

  • This is great!

  • Дякую!!!!! Дійсно корисний додаток.

  • This is a must-have add-on for anyone who often browses though various text files (source-code, TeX, etc) or mis-configured webservers.
    It really should be built in to Firefox.
    Agree it would be nice to see some integration with the Options/Applications page, so that the choice could be made permanent.

  • This is so fundamental that it should really be built-in, as RD suggests above. Brilliant extension nonetheless.

  • Veeery useful! :-)
    And thanks for Seamonkey support!

  • Particularly nice if your OS has various filetypes associated with a heavy IDE but you just wanted to look at one line. Stops you from having to choose save just to manually open in notepad/vim and then manually delete when done.

  • This is an essential add-on until such functionality is integrated into the browser itself. (see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=57342)

  • Comes in handy when you encounter a misconfigured webserver or want to display files directly in the browser. I'm not a daily user but this add-on saved my day several times. :)

  • A must-have for me, I love the way Firefox formats different file types and it makes for easy tabbing between different types of files.