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  • Works well. dialog really does disappear if you check "do this automatically" box. To restore dialog, Tools>open in browser>prefs, click "default" for the filetype. Click "open in firefox" option to access "open with external app" dialog or open html link in ff.
  • A really nice extenstion :)
  • I give it 5 ***** as soon as this can be fixed: https://github.com/dimyme/djvujs/wiki/associate-.djvu-filetype
  • Have been using this for ages. Firefox just doesn't work right without this addon :-)
  • Useful for dealing with resources where the server sends an incorrect mime-type.
  • Recently, for some reason, when I tried opening images in a new tab a Save prompt was displayed instead. This extension fixed the problem.
  • An essential tool to avoid filling your Downloads folder with temporary files.
  • Pretty useful and well made.Thankyou.
  • simply perfect
  • This is one of my favorite extensions for Firefox, but it's having some problems with Firefox 57.0. It seems to behave badly on some pages that redirect you at load time (unfortunately, my best example so far is a company-internal page which I can't share). I'm also getting prompted twice now when downloading things -- once to present the traditional "Open with..."/"Open in browser as"/"Save File" dialog, and then again with another "Open with..." / "Save File" dialog.
    About the double prompting: See the add-on's description for instructions to configure Firefox to only have one prompt.

    I don't understand the first thing that you are reporting (" It seems to behave badly on some pages that redirect you at load time"). Can you share more details (preferably in a Github issue or by e-mail)?
  • I hope that something like this extension will be WebExtensions-ready, for the release of Firefox 57.
    Version 2.0 of the extension has been uploaded basing on a WebExtension. You will be able to continue to use the extension with Firefox 57 and later! It requires Firefox 57 though, so for trying it out you need to update or try with a beta. I hope this could help you!
  • It's very useful for me!
  • Easy to install and useful everyday. Tiny & clean.
    Très facile à utilisé et à installé, en plus ne prend pas de place et ne ralenti pas Firefox. Indispensable.
  • Hoping it will turn e10s-compliant soon! ;)
    Version 2.0 of the extension is not just e10s compliant, it is also ready for Firefox 57 and later! This means that you can continue to use the extension. I hope this could help.
  • This must be implement in FF directly !!!

    Thanks a lot !
  • This is very cool. I have been looking for something like this! It should be default in Firefox!
  • This is a brilliant little add-on. I've been yearning for something like this for years.
    Of course the real fix should be on the server, where the mime type should be set to "text/plain".