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Not at all sure sure why I tried this. Default behaviour in FF is to open image in next tab with middle mouse-click, somewhat more efficient.
Not only that, but it opens the image in new tab to the far right of the window (in my case, yards away), so you have to grub around to relocate yourself.
I suppose one could use the addon/always-right. But I can't be bothered.

I think I'd hoped it might be actually useful by acting to:
1) open the new adjacent to parent tab
IMNSHO default FF behaviour to open far right is unclever.
maybe an option for those who prefer default silliness.
2) over-sized images resized to fit.
(Optionally?) (With some notification?).
Retaining default behavior to toggle full-size on left click.
3) maybe resize small images to limit of clear visibility, also.

But it doesn't.