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  • Was great and now not working in Quantum, sadly. Are you trying to port this add-on to the new Firefox or that won't happen anytime soon? Hope that you are, this was the best dictionary add-on I've ever used. I'm not ready to let it go. :(
  • No longer works since upgrading to the latest Firefox version, 57.0. Please fix as this was such a good feature.
  • Works great. Gives a lengthy definition, pronunciation, part of speech, etc. And it does it all without opening a new tab. Brilliant.
  • Good pop-up dictionary, but one double click, that is highlighting a word should be enough.
    To make another click on the red sign makes work slower, leave it please, like Dictionary .com
  • I have come back using firefox as my primary browser for routine work. Though Firefox offer lot more addsOn which makes our internet experince more joyful but i was lacking one key component of instant popup dictionary like the Google Chrome has it.
    I installed and now using one click popup dictionary now and its kind of more authentic than the one Crome offers. However, it could be made more vibrant if "one click popup" developer update it and provide the meaning instantly with double click just like crome does. I don't knw whether its a lot to ask for as i my self am not developer rather a parasite.
    But if you could do it without users going to click for one extra time it would be a great service for mankind.
    else its so for working excelent. keep on the good work, developers.
  • 1. Should save the list of words looked up before and their meaning, along with being able to export it as CSV

    2. Ctrl/Shift/Alt + Double Click a word should be an option.
  • Doule click then a pop-up appears. It's the most convinient way to look up a word.
  • Does not retrieve any definition from an iframe or Disqus Comments. Please fix that thankyou and I will upgrade my rating.

    Would like an option for this method please.
    1. Highlight the word .
    2. One Click Popup logo appears NEXT TO THE HIGHLIGHTED WORD.
    3. Click on the logo.
    4. Popup with the word definition.
  • i like the addon
    but if you add a feature like this one ( http://i.imgur.com/egwNn0U.png?1 ) it will be a lot better

    1-highlight the word
    2-One Click Popup logo show up
    3-click on the logo
    4-popup with the word definition
  • Would be even greater if double-clicking also open the popup. Thanks!
  • 좋습니다
  • "This addon from addon.mozilla.org could not be installed because it does not match the addon Firefox expected."
  • cant install this addon ie One Click Popup Dictionary 1.2 ... "This addon from addon.mozilla.org could not be installed because it does not match the addon Firefox expected."

    please fix it. i'll review the rating later.
  • Have been using 2.2 for a while, but now need to install a fresh system and found that 2.2 is gone. Where is it? What's the story?
  • It has always worked until the Dictionary.com website was redesigned. In order to make it work again you need to update to version 2.2 found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/one-click-popup-dictionary/versions/2.2

    Updated and voilà! Working just fine again!
  • If you like the phrase "No Definition Found!!" this add-on is for you!
  • I spent a lot of time trying this way and that. No luck. :-(
  • Looks simple but what is the use if it not works installed and reinstalled several times updated Mozilla Firefox too but this stubborn add on is not ready to work. what a waste of time all reviews by their own people really bad.
  • This is all right but it is not really one click: because in my case I have to first highlight the word to be defined, that takes 2 clicks already, then navigate the mouse arrow head cursor to the top menu bar, and pointing into the popup dictionary icon I click the mouse, that is now a third click; but the popup box with the word definition comes forth quite quickly in the webpage itself, with its voice pronunciation.

    The best one click dictionary I have used is the the one from Answers.com (available in MS Internet Explorer but not in Firefox), where as you point with the mouse arrow head cursor into the word to be defined, you press down the left or right alt key, then click your mouse.
  • I switched over to Popup Dictionary from Wiktionary & Google Translate because their box was too small and correcting it would have been a pain. I never found it to be quite as satisfying as the dictionary in Chromium. Popup Dictionary resolved just about all of my issues with my last one. The one flaw it shares is that the text size is too small. An option to increase the text size will be greatly appreciated. Outside of this, this is a spectacular, simple extension I plan to use for a long time.
  • This is the way most dictionaries are supposed to be used!!!
  • Just what I was looking for. Pop up dialog. No need to open a new tab with the translation for then having to find your way back to the original tab.
  • Great job guys !! Keep up the good work !!!
  • Simply Superbbbb :)
  • good