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  • I have been using Nuvola for years, but the latest update has introduced a conflict. I can no longer use the customize function and the undo close tab option button only returns a blank page. I have tried the nightly build, but no go. Disabling it, for the default theme returns both functions to normal.

  • can you make this a dark them i think there was a dark theme chooser for this?

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    I don't make it a dark theme. With the deprecation of 3rd party themes with FX 57 it makes also no sense to start such now.

  • Very cute and functional theme. Definitely rich in colors and icons.

  • Sorry, but no difference here with new version 1.40 (& TMP :(

  • I love this theme. However, could you make the tabs somewhat bigger in height? It's difficult to see the tab text and distinguish the tabs apart.

  • Nuvola FF was my favorite theme, until the update Firefox 32.02. Since then, the side scrollbar of FF disappears at the first scroll...I had to change for an other theme…

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    This is a bug of Firefox (Thunderbird too as it uses the same code base) and is fixed in FX 33. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1066934

  • Among my favorites (Nuvola, MX3, Littlefox), Nuvola is the only one which has this little vertical arrow between the back-and-forth arrows. It shows the recent browsing history for the pages in a tab. I like that. It's missing in other skins.

    Hints: In FF29, Mozilla regrettably removed the checkbox for small/normal icons. Interestingly, on my home Linux computers, the setting seems to be "use small icons". At work I use (have to use) Windows 7. There shows the standard size. Thus, there still must be some setting in some config files or style sheets. Where might that be?

    Ideas for improvement: I use Nuvola in Firefox. I also would use it in Thundebird. But when going up and down through my mails in Thunderbird, those mails which I have tagged (using various colors for various categories) won't get highlighted. Untagged mails are highlighted nicely.

    All in all, Nuvola is great - aesthetically and functionally.

    Update 2014-05-18: As for highlighting: When the cursor is hovering over an email row, the black letters turn into blue. However, when the letters are e.g. red (because if tagging), the letters stay red. Littlefox handels the visual feedback for hoovering over the row by changing the background color for that row. -- As for the "Classic Team Restorer", I try to avoid it because I had trouble with it when running other extensions. So I'll back up my .mozilla and try again (only for changing the icons). -- Thanks for the reply and have a nice weekend.-- Götz

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    With "Classic Theme Restorer (Customize Australis)" you can change the icon size and a lot of other things. Unfortunately with my Back/Forward history arrow some of this options aren't working well.

    For the TB tag issue please write me via email with steps to reproduce. Here they are highlighted.

  • Thanks. It seems i need to create the Chrome folder and file, as there is none in my Profile folder. But where would place the address to icons?

    Thanks. That worked, making a Chrome folder in my profile folder (Help>Troubleshooting>Show Folder) and pasting the script you provided into a text file saved as userChrome.css. Not more hearts.

    No i need to get back the visibility of inactive tabs FF 29 reduced.

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    Yes, create a chrome folder in your profile. In this folder create a text file userChrome.css and copy the rule I posted in this file. After FX restart it should pick up this rule.

    If it doesn't work please use the support email address to not unneeded fill this reviews.

  • I finally found a GREAT looking theme for the disgusting FF 28. Nuvola 1.28 + is the best for me. Not everyone wants a cheap Chrome look.
    Thank you!

  • Why is the close button hidden now? This is very annoying, at the very least it should be an option. I like to see where the close button is so I know which tab I'm on.
    Please fix this. I'm back to 1.19 until then.

  • I've tried many themes, but this is my favourite. It compact, but also pleasing to look at - Am I right in saying the icon set comes from KDE? - it certainly reminds me of KDE. Keep up the good work

  • DANKE für das schnelle Update jetzt ist alles wieder schön Rund !!! ;-)

  • This is a very cute theme. The only thing I don't care for is how it changes the address bar colors to light green on light gray—very hard to read.

  • I found the problem I was having. It had nothing to do with this theme. My problem was that I set a minimum size for the font. Even though I still had the box checked for websites to use their own fonts it still messed up the display of some pages. I am sorry I accused this theme of being the problem. Hearing that no one else had reported the problem got me to checking further and solving it. Thank you for replying.

    Also, the problem I was having with the display of the Add-ons Manager turned out to be caused by Cleanest Addon Manager 1.5, which is a great addon except for this small problem.

  • Oh exactly, that's my fault. Really, ff does not have progress bar, I have looked my extensions and found a cause, it's "locationbar²"!

  • Both the Firefox and Thunderbird versions of Nuvola are very well done, easy to view and easy to work from. Icons are helpful and attractive. Highlighting of selected items is appropriate and clear. What a shame Mozilla doesn't make this the default theme for both apps.

  • THANKS!!!

  • I have both the FF theme and the Thunderbird theme. The icons are slightly different in FF but very good and easy to find on the toolbar. Love it!

  • I love the colorful Nuvola, and I love these themes too.

    Some minor issues: Add-on icons don't look great in the nav bar, and there's a slight bug with the icons if you open bookmarks and search.

  • What a nice theme. This is much cleaner than the Noias.

  • I most enjoy everything about this Program. Love all the colorful addons for my e-mail program. You all are the greatest. Thanks for making me happy. I am 71 and love the Computer world and you all make it so much better. Barb

  • I love this one :-) It just right for me thanks :-)

  • Danke für diese Vielfalt und Farbigkeit. Echt gelungen, bestens
    Danke an den/die Entwickler(in) Gruß Rainer

  • Love everything, fun it makes me smile.

  • Really enjoy this theme (hearts included!)

    Thanks for the update! :)