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  • Simple And Easy Use
    There are nothing such as this
  • Très pratique, simple et paramétrable à l'envie. Recommandé !
  • Ótima extensão, mas o tema escuro quando ativado não fica salvo
  • Удобные записки.
  • Just what I need, but it would be perfect if I can permanently disable the spell checker and make my font bold. Can I do that?
  • For the moment seems awesome.
    Any intention to create Evernote, Keep or Dropbox integration so that the notes are saved there too?

    Is there anyway to add if we preffere the domain view over general view?
    Eg. when I access a domain with a note, there is no badge in the icon, because it seems that only general notes are being detected.
    I have to open the note menus and go to domain page to see if the domain has any note.
    Is there any way to solve this?
    Glad you're liking the extension. I do want to add the ability to sync to other services eventually, but nothing is concrete yet.

    As for your second point, that is planned for a future version. (See https://github.com/Rayquaza01/note-taker/issues/15)
  • Fantastic little extension that is so configurable! As of this moment, 31 reviews precede mine, and all of the issues -- even the ones that are only a few days old -- seem to be resolved. I'm really impressed.

    Below there is a complaint about RTL text. There is an option for that.

    There's a complaint about adding a keyboard shortcut. I see that there is an option for that now.

    Font size ... there's an option.

    Note color ... there's an option.

    Multiple tabs per domain? Yep, it's in there.

    I'm just amazed at how many feature requests have been filled by this developer. So, thanks!
  • Very interesting. I could suggest to add a notification badge if there is an URL note, so that it is visible (not only if ther is a Domain note)
  • Nice (:
  • Simply awesome !
  • For some reason this add in elevates cpu usage when opening a new tab, it was a pain to troubleshoot.
  • Great extension with the feature of dark theme. But it misses one star for the inability to change the writing direction to right-to-left. This frustrates me because I almost take all the note in Arabic which has the writing direction right-to-left. Please add
  • Exactly what I was looking for!

    I needed a tool to keep notes for websites (per domain) not url specific, although the extension can do both.

    And its even better that it has sync!
  • Great! Per URL notes is exactly what i needed.

    Would love to see auto sync added in the future.
  • Works great thanks....
  • Just what i need, thanks!
  • Funciona bem. É necessário entender primeiro o funcionamento, mas depois fica fácil...
  • Pretty useful,well done!Thank you.