Privacy concern Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Hi Jason,

I enjoy your addon very much ... though I lately found a annoying glitch threatening my privacy :

When I set “Remember per-site settings between Firefox restarts” , “Forget settings for sites not visited in the last Month” and “Erase NoSquint site history when Firefox clears private data” ... the addon behaves as expected except in the case when I clears my private data.

If I load a webpage , modify the general zoom and font zoom settings , clears my private data (through Crtl+Shift+Supr or through Sanitisminau button at addon bar) ... when I reload the webpage the general and font zoom settings REMAIN THE SAME. For me this is an important bug which probably make me set back to “Forget all per-site settings when Firefox closes”. I hope you could find some time for fixing it in the following version.

Either way let me thank you for such a good and extremely useful addon.

Thank you !!!

Ps .- I am running NoSquint 2.1.5 on Firefox 14.0.1 over Kubuntu Oneiric amd64.

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