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I don't even remember how long I've been using NoScript, but it's been years. An absolute essential add on for keeping your computer safe. I have had friends tell me about viruses and things they have gotten from websites that I frequent, which never bothered me. It prevents videos and sounds from automatically playing and being annoying. It can be a little tedious sometimes when a site has lots of junk on it and you have to figure out which scripts to allow to reach the content you are wanting, but it's better than the alternative. I use the "temporarily allow" option most often, in case I forget to forbid something I found to not like. This option expires once you close a window or manually reverse it. People who are not too good at computers/reading tend to find NoScript hard to use but it is worth the effort. I have never had a virus/malware/adware/whatever on any computer that I have owned, and I visit some pretty seedy corners of the internets, LOL.

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