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I love this add-on and have been using 1.2.1 for a long time. However, trying to update to crashes Pale Moon instantly! I've tried this on a 64-bit machine running Win 7, another Win 7 32-bit computer, and another on XP, all with the same results. Seems to work fine on Firefox. ??? 5 stars for the previous version.

UPDATE: The problem evidently had something to do with improperly signed extensions and extension updates from Mozilla. A new 25.3.2 Pale Moon "emergency update" is supposed to fix the problem, though I no longer see on the site. :)

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Developers did not update their add-ons. Signing process was performed by Mozilla automatically, but got reverted later because of some problems with older Fx builds.


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perfect, always update to be compatible, do not speak English lol. Portuguese - Brazil

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This is a top add on, and which I think should be the default scrollbar. I missed the superb Noia 4 theme which ceased to be updated due to FF updates breaking it too often, and found the FT DeepDark theme to be the best replacement, except the vertical scrollbar was too dark and hard to see.

But thank God i came across this scroll bar replacement! It is not only improves visibility but it is a work of beauty! I also appreciate those who make such customizations.

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I like to make my scrollbars as minimal as possible, and that is the great thing about this extension, it lets you do everything from the fanciest possible to the simplest.

Lots of customisation options, and very easy to use.

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you can install Firefox 31 ESR Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Hello, I am a Japanese people. I have a beautiful idea for avoiding a bug of Firefox 32. As you know, Firefox 32 has a critical bug called "Firefox 32 zoom bug with custom scrollbars". It is also called Bug 1066934 (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1066934). If you avoid this bug, you can install Firefox 31 ESR.

ハロー、私は地球人です。私は、Firefox 32 のバグの回避に対する美しい考えを持っています。ご存知のとおり、Firefox 32 は「カスタム・スクロール・バー関連の ズーム・バグ」と呼ばれる重大なバグを持っています。それはバグ 1066934 (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1066934) とも呼ばれます。このバグを回避したければ、Firefox 31 ESR をインストールすればよいです。

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Make your own customized scrollbars in Firefox. The default scrollbars which Windows 7 delivers are less than optimal, even if you're not color blind. This program fills that gap by adding a simple but quite a powerful option (!) to change that for Firefox.

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Simply beautiful

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Great addon, and the FX32 workaround (zoom text only) is appreciated, but it's not enough.

Some people may prefer full page zoom, and the fact that it's also the default mode makes the vast majority of users have it at full-page zoom.

Please try to make it work with that mode too. Thanks.

This is a Mozilla bug affecting all Mozilla products. Nothing add-ons can do about. Only Mozilla can fix this.

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Ubuntu 12.04
Firefox 32.0

I have enjoyed using this addon. It really helps me see, and quickly grab, the scrollbars that are difficult to see when viewing some web pages. However, I think it has developed a bug, or conflict with the latest version of FF, because the handle often disappears.

Also, although I'm not sure whether it's related, every time I opened addons (via Tools), the addons tab and the whole browser would hang and be totally unresponsive. The only way to recover is to forcibly close the browser and start again. This has been resolved since I disabled NewScrollbars today.

Anyway, thank you for creating the addon - I really appreciate it. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of the new problems.

EDIT: Thanks for the quick response. Leaving my review as it is, in case others miss the note on the addon page like I did. Raising my review for 4 to 5 stars accordingly. :)

Please look at the main page. A Firefox bug is affecting all add-ons and themes, which change scrollbars.

Currently only two things can be done:
- set zoom level to 100% and do not zoom anymore
- enable the option to only zoom text (View->Zoom...)

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FF32 issue with predefined and customizable scrollbars.

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Don't use browsers zoom functions or enable zoom only for text in view settings.
This is a known Firefox bug in version 32+.

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Just realized that I had an option checked that shouldn't have been. All is OK now. Plus, the previous review has been marked for deletion.

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Awesome addon!

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Дуже добре зроблено!

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Danke, sehr hilfreich, da die Standard Scrollbars, unter Ubuntu zumindest, sehr versteckt und schwer mit der Maus »greifbar« sind.
Und man kann sich Abwechslung selber gestelten !

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This extension is just incredible. Finally an extension that replaces the ugly default scrollbar.

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I like it. 5 stars.
Features I'd like to see: Background color gradient in Customizable v2 and the option of arrows for the buttons, with color and color gradient still applicable.
It's still five stars, even without those features.

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Really not a bad addon ... I made sure to do a "skin" online Adobe PDF Reader ... makes her well ^ ^
The worry is that the horizontal bars do not work at all when the width is less than 11 ... and even 11 precisely area "click" only 1 pixel ... should adjust its is a big concern . I had the same problem with an option to keep the bar above the content in HTML pages.
So I put 4 stars for now ;)


Not every available option works everywhere with all plugins and on all OS. Ecpecially MacOSX likes to break things, but also Adobe plugins.

I believe Adobe controls scrollbar width inside their pdf plugin at least partly.

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In full agreement with Tim - No Scrollbars - brilliant, Thank You.
hidescrollbars *****


So you might be insterested in this:

Best Scrollbar Addon Period...One Suggestion Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen


I am a big fan of this add-on and your other add-ons (especially GMF, and after Australis hits, EVERYONE is going to flock to CTR). As do many of your great add-ons, it allows users to customize and beautify their browsing experience in a way that most other add-ons cannot. For me, however, I only use this add-on for its "No Scrollbars" feature to remove all scrollbars from my browser, so I really use only a fraction of the extension.

Judging from doing a Google search online for "Remove Scrollbar," I think there is a high demand for the "No Scrollbars" feature from minimalists like me, but many people do not find their way to this add-on because the feature is masked by the focus on the many other customization options. They are left with weird userChrome.css/userContent.css options that do not perform this feature quite as perfectly. My suggestion is that you create an simpler, lightweight add-on that simply performs your "No Scrollbars" feature only. It wouldn't even need a GUI. Maybe even restartless? =) I think it would be a big hit.

What do you think?


I'm not sure Firefox another scrollbars add-on by me. ;-)

I will think about it.

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This addon really has an interesting choice of sliders