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  • Very Nice dudeeee!

  • stylish , beautifully , good lad so keep !!!!!!

  • Nice, simple!

  • very nice

  • Parabéns a toda equipe, mudei o visual do firefox, ficou lindo. Todos os recursos adicionados são para nós usuário de extrema importância.Valeu po mais este. Obrigado.osnyarantes@ig.com.br

  • очень красивая тема

  • very good

  • very good

  • Lindo~me gusta

  • Very nice. Thanks!

  • Es perfecto, a la lejania Nightly, mas cerca Aurora, y en tu pc Firefox :)

  • Magnifique, l'une des plus belle personnalisation que j'ai vu.

  • wunderschön und großartig!!!

  • Very good...

  • Красиво
    Сочи 2014 sochi2014.kz Красиво

  • cũng tàm tạm

  • Awesome persona! I have a couple of requests, though. I'd like to see the bottom part of the persona through the background of the Web page. I know there's an extension that controls overall opacity but it seems to conflict with another extension I use. I'd also like to be able to see the close tab button on whatever tab I want to close. When tabs have a black background that's impossible. Could you provide some options with your persona that allow those types of changes? Thanks.

  • ))))) работа на купленном персональном компьютере должна быть не только полезной, безопасной, комфортной, но и приятной.

  • А интересно, люди покупают персональный комьпютер для того, чтобы смотреть на обои,
    или для чего другого ???

  • Мне очень нравятся обои, темы и картинки в стиле Aurora Firefox.

  • I love the concept of Aurora, I think Firefox is getting stronger again like it used to be!! Aurora is the base in the new project and it has this wonderful personas to show it! Thanks for the art guys!

  • This is one of the best Firefox themes ever!

  • Very nice - Always love planetary themes. Some and warm.

  • ich finde das super gut.

  • Very beautiful skin, good work.

    I love it :)