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Makes editing New Tab url easier. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This plugin makes editing the new tab url easier, no need to search for newtaburl in about:config.Unfortunately, Firefox 18.0.01 reverts to the default about:newtab and then does not retain changes to the new tab URL whether the newtaburl is edited in about:config or New Tab URL. Be aware that this is not an issue with the New Tab URL addon, it is an issue with Firefox itself.


I found out where the conflict was.
Tab Utilities 1.5.1 has a setting for new tab in the Tabs panel at the bottom. If this is not set to user defined, Tab Utilities 1.5.1 will restore the default about:newtab as that is what it's default is set to.

Oddly enough, this issue did not occur with the Firefox 16 version I was using prior to updating to on 1/22/2013.

So if you are having issues, make sure that there is not another addon that edits the newtab url as well.