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  • Seriously I can't stand using the internet without this.
  • Works well and overrides it to a different web address. Easy to use.
  • Works as you might expect.
  • Honestly, despite my 5 star rating, it's not perfect - but the imperfections aren't the addon's fault, so 5 stars for it.

    The reason it's not perfect is because it shouldn't exist. There is literally no reason why Firefox shouldn't let you put whatever the hell you want as a new tab page. In fact, it's maddeningly stupid that it doesn't. I resent greatly having to install an addon just to use the new tab page I like.

    What's worse is that my New Tab Page is the same as my "Home" page (does anyone actually use "home" anymore?) - and I can't even set the new tab to be my home page. That's not just pointless and stupid, that's outright obtuse.

    Firefox is the best browser out there, bar none. It was before the Quantum update, but it's even better now (sorry, XUL lovers - get with the times, yeah?).

    But the fact that I need this addon just to make my new tab page to be the same as my Home page? That's just super, super dumb.

    Sören Hentzschel's addon, though? Works perfectly, no complaints.
  • DONATE?! NO NO NO NO! I WILL NOT DONATE! i rather have blank pages then this horrible extension. if we give negative reviews you call us "Trolls". I AM NOT A TROLL!!!
  • This [USED TO] Allow me to simply & securely Load the GOOGLE Search Homepage whenever I needed a new tab - With NO Fuss at all... :)

    Seriously, it was invaluable to me! I could Open a new tab & immediately begin my search for whatever random thought popped into my mind...
    Firefox recently added Security measures which made this Extension obsolete... :(

    But -- GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE !!!

    New Tab Homepage (by Ben Basson).
    (Its icon: A Green puzzle piece)

    Unfortunately, As far as I know - It can't load or use a local file/custom HTML. (Sorry, people...) It also hasn't been "Recommended" by firefox - Yet... But hopefully it will be, in the near future.

    I Use Google as My Homepage, & this extension works perfectly for that... I simply click on the [+] for a New Tab, & my cursor is already in the Google Search bar! Yay!!! I Hope This Helps...
  • I Absolutely HATE this new Firefox! Having been a user since the early Netscape days and every version of Firefox until I stalled at version 56. I finally was forced recently to move to the new version for some things and I absolutely want to tear someones head off. So many useful features are simply gone. I can't even automatically load a local home page in a new tab that I've been doing for decades anymore. I mean if you can't trust your own local web page than what can you trust. I find myself using Chrome a lot this past week, though I hate that too. I hope some new player comes along soon and takes out the rat infested sellouts at Google and Mozilla.
  • A very good add-on, it almost perfectly solves my problem, but sometimes it fails.
  • So now I read that once again a local page can't be used with this extension?? Wasn't that the whole purpose of it? It's ridiculous that Firefox won't itself allow this. If it can allow bookmarks and it can allow surfing to a local page, it can find a way to allow this (have the new tab request point to a bookmark!). Other browsers allow this. Are they all unsafe? Do you think you know something that MICROSOFT doesn't? Seriously. Between that and Firefox being an extreme memory hog, you are keeping me right on the edge of dissatisfaction...
  • i love it !!!
  • Ola, unerlässlich um sich in der Unendlichkeit zurecht zu finden. In diesem Sinne ... danke ... agrob
  • 蛮好用的一个小插件,很好的解决了我的需求!感谢开发人员!
  • Qu'est ce que c'est débile que Firefox n'autorise plus la redirection vers des fichiers locaux j'ai rarement vu quelque chose d'aussi aberrant en 2019 !
  • I was about to stop using Firefox if not for this add-on.