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  • So now I read that once again a local page can't be used with this extension?? Wasn't that the whole purpose of it? It's ridiculous that Firefox won't itself allow this. If it can allow bookmarks and it can allow surfing to a local page, it can find a way to allow this (have the new tab request point to a bookmark!). Other browsers allow this. Are they all unsafe? Do you think you know something that MICROSOFT doesn't? Seriously. Between that and Firefox being an extreme memory hog, you are keeping me right on the edge of dissatisfaction...
  • i love it !!!
  • Ola, unerlässlich um sich in der Unendlichkeit zurecht zu finden. In diesem Sinne ... danke ... agrob
  • 蛮好用的一个小插件,很好的解决了我的需求!感谢开发人员!
  • Qu'est ce que c'est débile que Firefox n'autorise plus la redirection vers des fichiers locaux j'ai rarement vu quelque chose d'aussi aberrant en 2019 !
  • I was about to stop using Firefox if not for this add-on.
  • I hope it's working, this time.
  • I enjoy this add-on. In my opinion, this should've been auto-implemented in Firefox.
  • werkt perfect. Heb gedoneerd. Niet veel want ik heb niet veel, maar het is het waard.
    Ik ben er super blij mee.
  • Very good
  • Works good.
  • FVD Dials has been the most buggiest bookmark tool on Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium browsers. It behaves irrationally by clicking a dial and it will go to a different tab without reason. Jumping to other tabs, the memu bar does not close. These are two of my pet peves with this service.