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This is a good idea. The bottom line is most plugins get put there without permission and most of them aren't wanted or needed.

The one factor that would lessen the need for this is most plugins are 32 bit. If you run a 64 bit browser most of them never get stuck on there. Still, this gives users one more level of choice.

**EDIT** I am going back and adding one more star for making it also work for email( I urge switching from TB to FossaMail.)

I am pleased to see that people are out there with their thinking caps on!

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Thanks for the review. The bottom line you mention summarizes why I have written and published this add-on. I didn't know that 32 bit plugins get stuck in 64 bit browsers (although it makes sense immediately). Nice to have learned about this.Another factor that would lessen the need is the upcoming release of Firefox 26. From this version on, new plugins should be set to `ask to activate' (except Flash).

EDIT: Thanks for the extra star. dvhds70's idea was a good one indeed. I'm glad I was able to make it work for Thunderbird easily. More ideas are welcome.