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  • I found your theme and I am a BIG Saints fan. The only problem is that I have firefox 7.1 and your theme is not available for this version. If possible, could you make the necessary changes so I can use this theme as well? I would appreciate it greatly.


  • I'd happily contribute if there was a new version for 3.6. I loved the old one....

  • Nice theme!! But it need to be updated now with some Super Bowl World Champions images!

  • I am a die-hard Saints fan (win or lose) and I love the background of this theme, but how about building a format with windows in mind PLEASE (like the old New Orleans Saints theme that I loved before FF3 came along), and it was no longer available. It is not my intention to offend the creators, but I like everything about this theme except the TwisterMC's ipox remix format. I have a widescreen monitor and it does not look very good. Otherwise, it's great.

  • Your work is good. Is there please anyway that you can make an add-on for the Super Champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers? That would be fantastic. I also support your donations. Help out the title holding fans.

  • Very nice looking. Glad to see the Saints off to a good start in the '09 season.

  • I do love that you created this, and you are correct on part of your history. Read below and you will see that the Saints actually started playing in 1967 and it was at Tulane Stadium.

    Nov. 1 - National Football League awarded 16th franchise to New Orleans as NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle made the announcement at New Orleans' Ponchartrain Hotel ... the New Orleans States-Item headline that afternoon was "N.O. Goes Pro!"; Dec. 15 - John W. Mecom, Jr. becomes majority stockholder-president of franchise; Dec. 22 - Victor E. Schwenk appointed director of player personnel; Dec. 27 - Tom Fears named franchise's 1st head coach.


    Jan. 9 - New Orleans' NFL franchise nicknamed Saints; Jan. 27 - Saints signed 1st player, former Ole Miss & L.A. Rams kicker Paige Cothren; Feb. 9 - Saints select 42 players in expansion draft; March 8 - 1st season-ticket drive launched ... Saints sell 20,000 on 1st day & 33,400 before 1st game;

  • Austin, The New Orleans Saints Started Playing in 1967, The Saints have called New Orleans their home since November 1, 1966. Have you ever wondered why the city picked the team name? Well, November 1st is All Saints Day in the Roman Catholic community. So, since there is a large community of Roman Catholics in the greater New Orleans area, it seemed that the name of the team couldn’t be anything else but the New Orleans Saints. The Saints started in Tulane Stadium back in 1966, but would eventually make their way over to the stadium they now call home, the great Louisiana Superdome, 9 years late in 1975. Since then, the city of New Orleans rallied around the beloved football team, a devotion that continues today for fans all across the city...and the country. From the New Orleans Saints Blog web site http://saints-blog.com/index.html

  • This is by far the greatest add-on that I have ever had the pleasure of installing on my computer I. If I ever the the pleasure of meeting the creator, alexthegreat, I would thank him eternally. Alex is one of the greatest add-on editor. This add-on gives me an overwhelming sensation like no other. I could not even begin to describe how good it feels even to look at this theme. Everyone, even if you hate the New Orleans Saints, should install this theme. I just can't stress the greatness of this add-on.

    By the way the New Orleans Saints are named the Saints because the Superdome was built on a burial ground.

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    Haha thanks for the great review bro. Let me know if I can make this theme better in any way.