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  • Please please upgrade this! My favorite of all themes!

  • Please update this theme for Firefox 3.5

  • Please update for Firefox 3.5

  • please update this wonderful skin for FF3

  • please update this wonderful skin for FF3

  • The clearest and easiest on the eye, and the only theme I used with FF2. Badly needed for FF3; I'm not the only one that misses it.

  • This is (or it was I should say) my favorite theme. I am just wondering if it will ever be compatible with the current browser release.

  • Love NASA!!

  • Yes! I'm hoping too that it becomes compatible with Firefox 3 very soon! :))

  • Met this one a long time ago and still didn't find any better theme for me, it's this one or the FF default skin.

    I'm colorblind too but didn't have any problems using it.

    I really hope you realize this one for FF3 sometime soon, "Night Lunch" is just not my style.

  • My favorite theme. Hope it is updated for FF3 soon!

  • This is my favorite theme, as well. It's wonderful.

  • It's a great start and I wish I could stay, but as someone with some color-blindness, the deep blue/black colors for active/inactive tabs are difficult to differentiate. It should be like night and day. I hope much higher contrast can be used instead. Until then, I simply cannot use it.

  • I've found this theme extremely usable, and the author has been kind to help me with my personal tweaks a lot. Clean lay-out, support for additional extensions (ever growing) and pleasant to eyes... Is there anything more that one could want?

  • This is the only theme I have installed, and it is so user-friendly and VERY easy to tell which tab is the active tab. I love the space pictures and the wonderful color scheme. I also like the grey / white look, and not all 'colourful' like all other themes are.

  • I like it.