the scheduler button is not working Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

though I am trying to enable the scheduler button it is automatically disables after I close the options window. I think this is a bug in Firefox v4. The other thing I noticed it is automatically adding the current webpage to the scheduler by default rather than allowing me to select the schedulers only which i want. In addition to this could please set the date option so that it will be convenient to open certain webpages for example to make online payments.

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Hi lapdipankar,

If you are having problems with the button Icon, then try adding it manually through Firefox >> Options >> Toolbar Layout and drag it on to the Toolbar. Also check the Add-on Bar through Firefox >> Options >> Add-on Bar.
The current webpage is only added to the scheduler if you use the right-click context menu, so start My Weekly Browsing through the button Icon or use the Menu Bar through Tools >> My Weekly Browsing ... instead of the right-click context menu.
Sorry, but My Weekly Browsing Schedule only supports weekly events, so perhaps try a calendar reminder add-on for a date option.