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Warum wurde "My Weekly Browsing Schedule" geschaffen?

I had an idea for an extension that would help me keep track of my weekly online reading and browsing. I spend quite a bit of time (precious as ever) keeping up to date with websites that are of interest to me both professionally and personally.

I originally wrote the application to help me follow the stock market.
This requires opening many different websites at different times of the day to receive market data, broker reports, economic reports, analyst reports, commodity prices, futures contracts etc

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Name IceCrystal
Ort Australia
Homepage http://myweeklybrowsingschedule.wordpress.com/
Benutzer seit August 31, 2009
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Wer ist IceCrystal?

I am a Software Developer.<br>The design philosophy for my add-on is to be intuitive and easy to use - simplicity is the main goal.