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  • It is frustrating and embarrassing when Bloomberg blasts audio in a quiet shared office setting. This add-on mutes all sites by default until they're added to the whitelist. Clicking on the unmute icon on the tab adds the site to a whitelist. Some sites like YouTube are expected to always play audio and adding those sites to the whitelist makes a lot of sense. While stopping video from playing is nice to have, muting audio from playing is a MUST HAVE productivity tool. Love it! Highly recommend.

    This message is not a paid advertisement. It is my personal endorsement towards how helpful this add-on is to me.
  • Essential addon, could we block domains without needing www. infront? Would love to block autoplay vids too
    Blocking audio on specific subdomains could be useful for some people, so I'd rather not remove that feature. It might be a good idea though to add some way to block audio for the whole domain (*.example.com) or specific pages (example.com/example). I will have a look at that.
    Blocking autoplay videos is actually pretty difficult, because as far as I know, you basically have to implement it separately for every player/website, which is a lot of work, prone to breaking on changes, and difficult to maintain. That's not really something I plan on doing. A workaround might be disabling media.autoplay.enabled in about:config, which disables autoplay on all sites.
  • Nice and simple. Does the job.
  • De todos los que he probado, es el que mas se ajusta a mis necesidades.
  • This should be a default feature on Firefox
  • Endlich eine Möglichkeit unerwünschte Sounds stumm zu schalten.
    Eine einfache, aber geniale Idee!
  • thank you based god
  • I HATE (!) pages that play unasked sound. Thank you for this important addon.
  • αριστο!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Seems to work as advertised. I'd love for it to have the ability to prevent html5 movies from playing as well unless whitelisted.
  • Using in Firefox Nightly 58.0a1, working beautifully. No more blaring audio from some webpage. Thank you!
  • Es realmente MUY util!
  • Excellente extension