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  • THANK YOU! I start my day with the news, and both CNN and HuffPost rudely autoplay sound even though I've disabled their autoplaying video with other add-ons. You can't manually mute the tab until AFTER the sound has started playing. I want to read text, not listen to audio!
  • Simple and easy to use. This stops so many annoyances! I wish the control weren't so close to the close tab X. But, hitting either by accident is easy to correct.
  • Nice addon. I was looking for this for a long long time. Great job.
    Often, a lot of tabs play loud noise when I open them up.
    Now, I won't ever need to worry.
  • Super Useful
  • I never knew I needed this in my life. I have to do virtual labs for school and they always open in a new tab. They make loud clicking sounds any time I move something around in the virtual lab. By muting every site by default and remembering sites that have been un-muted like YouTube. Simple but great.
  • This brilliant extension would be greatly improved by an option to permit automatic un-muting of the focused tab.
  • Still great!
  • Works perfectly......love it.....has helped so much.
  • innovative whitelist feature; THANKS!
    maybe the reverse could be a thing too (all unmuted except blacklist) -- it would look like this:
    white list = always UNmuted.
    blacklist = always muted.
    everything else(default action): we select option as either muted or unmuted.
    this would give us maximum flexibility.
  • Great! Originally thought that the speaker icon was enabled by this plugin: "I am only missing an option to remove the speaker icon as it gets hard to hit that in pinned or small tabs!"

    The speaker icon is enabled by Firefox and is independent of this plugin. You can disable it via "browser.tabs.showAudioPlayingIcon" in the Firefox settings!

    Also thanks to abba23 for responding in a helpful manner :)
    Unfortunately the speaker icon is part of Firefox' mute functionality and appears automatically. As far as I know, it's not yet possible to disable it using WebExtensions.

    You could hide it yourself though by adding something like this

    @namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);
    .tabbrowser-tab :-moz-any(.tab-icon-sound,.tab-icon-overlay[muted]) {
    display: none;

    to your userChrome.css (https://www.userchrome.org).
  • It's a minor thing if your are going down the highway, and as you get a near a town you start seeing billboards.

    But what if instead, your nice tunes on the stereo got interrupted with blaring advertisements?

    It's a damn shame, but that's what the internet has become with all of the advertisement spending.

    Thanks, very much, for developing and posting this add-on. It should be a Firefox default.
  • Perfect! Thank you!!!!