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  • GOOD
  • THANK YOU! I start my day with the news, and both CNN and HuffPost rudely autoplay sound even though I've disabled their autoplaying video with other add-ons. You can't manually mute the tab until AFTER the sound has started playing. I want to read text, not listen to audio!
  • Simple and easy to use. This stops so many annoyances! I wish the control weren't so close to the close tab X. But, hitting either by accident is easy to correct.
  • Nice addon. I was looking for this for a long long time. Great job.
    Often, a lot of tabs play loud noise when I open them up.
    Now, I won't ever need to worry.
  • Super Useful
  • I never knew I needed this in my life. I have to do virtual labs for school and they always open in a new tab. They make loud clicking sounds any time I move something around in the virtual lab. By muting every site by default and remembering sites that have been un-muted like YouTube. Simple but great.
  • This brilliant extension would be greatly improved by an option to permit automatic un-muting of the focused tab.