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  • It near a perfect shot, great to avoid many fields. Unfortunately, dark themes are incompatible... could you make your extension able to use default css colors for active theme or at least, permit to change it own colors ? Thanks a lot.
  • Works great, must be a default functionality in thunderbird.

    Keep supporting, please.
  • Saves screen space by allowing to enter several recipients in the To: field. Could be used as inspiration for the following redesign of TB interface.

    Many thanks to the developer.

    As a side note, would it be possible to use a non-generic icon for the extension ? It can be very simple, based for example on something like: https://openclipart.org/detail/217810/purple-rounded-arrows
    Thanks a lot for your feedback !
    I added your idea for icon in github:

  • I love your addon. Did you notice that TB will need a (partial) compatibility with webextension soon? (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird/Add-ons_Guide_57). Will your addon be compatible? Thanks!
  • I'm using this with a mostly blind person, they wanted To, CC and BCC fields present, which it does do, but sadly, the "Reply-TO" is listed, checked in the gear, ghosted and cannot be removed. This is one field that I didn't want there, just means one more field for the person to tab past, can this be repaired soon?

    And any possibility to add "To:", "CC:" and "BCC:" to the background text so the person can tell what field they are in with their narrator?
    Thank you for your interest in MRC Compose !

    For the "Reply-TO", it is greyed in the gear menu because there is an option (in the third tab of preference panel : "Always show TO field") that is checked. It's the same for the field BCC. The idea is that the preference define a global behavior, while the gear menu define a behavior only for the current compose window.

    For the other question and the background text, please use the support email to give me more details : what exactly is used by the narrator ?

  • Excellent add-on, but when you have a lot of contacts as I do (over 3000), when I start typing a contact, the MRC compose, instead of waiting for me to pause typing, immediately starts to look up contacts, and then when I type the next letter it starts again with the lookup. So it is very very slow to catch up with my typing.
    There should be a short delay (maybe 400mS) to allow a user to type several characters before it starts to look up the address book.
    Thank you for your interest in MRC Compose !

    I took care of large number of contacts, not as you suggested by a timeout, but in a simpler way : just a number of characters before starting search.
    You can change it in the preference panel, second tab, option "Start search after nb characters". Set it to 2 or 3 to eliminate most of yours slowdowns.
    Hope it'll help you.

  • Great add-on, increase functionality of Thunderbird.
    But fail for news: groups, due to requirement to have "To:" field filled. It shouldn't be a problem to recognize news groups.
  • It helps a lot for regular mails but it doesn't allow to post replies to newsgroups. It requires TO field to be provided, which for newsgroup doesn't exists.
  • Thank you for your good extension;
    But when I upgraded Thunderbird to version 51Beta, I couldn't send messages.
    Please fix this bug.
    Thanks again
    Thanks for your feedback.

    For bug reports, please use the email support. It'll be easier for us to communicate.
    As an example, the compatibility with TB51 is fixed in internal dev version and I could ask you to test it.
  • Very useful extension and very good work. On top of that the author did answer quickly to my support request, giving me relevant information.
  • Conflict with Cardbook 10.7 - autocomplete address do not work
  • Addon works as described.

    However — and after a Thunderbird reset and some debugging work to figure out the cause — it seems this addon changes the HTML font setting in Thunderbird Options -> Composition -> General -> HTML to a size of "x-small".

    Even a manual reset of the font size in a Thunderbird session is lost when Thunderbird is restarted.

    Not sure if the problem is solely the fault of MRC Compose or MRC Compose in conjunction with another addon, but the bug does go away when MRC Compose is disabled.
  • I have been looking forever for this add-on. It allows me to enter 'cc' and 'bcc' fields from the keyboard (without using a mouse). Thank you!

    OSX 10.11, TB 38.5.0, MRC: 1.8.2
  • You've solved a huge problem. Thank you!!!
  • Thanks for providing this excellent Add-On! It greatly improves editing recipients. Works well on OS X 10.9.5 with TB 38.2.
  • A great improvement to the traditional way of entering email recipients!

    The latest version however breaks the BorderColors GT addon. Too many changes in the message window overlay?

    [sorry for the bug report here, is there a better place?]
    Thanks for your feedback !
    For bug report, you can use the support email, defined in the right column.

    I tested with current version of BorderColorsGT and saw no problems. (Disclaimer : I installed BorderColorsGT *after* mrc compose)
    With support email, can you send me screenshots to describe what doesn't work for you ?
  • I am impressed: You integrated my request concerning possibly deleting the grey text in the to-, cc- and bcc-lines as an option.
    And you repaired the bug, I just recently told you.
    I am happy!
  • Hi, version 1.8 seems to conflict with the add-on "Send without save" and the same button in the add-on "toolbar buttons". Messages that should be sent without saving a copy using these buttons are sent, but with a saved copy. Could you please check?

    reply to Michel: The add-on "Send without save" does not seem to be downloadable any longer, but the same problem occurs with the "send without saving" button of the add-on "Toolbar buttons", which is available here at mozilla.org. The problem is not with saving messages or their drafts. The "send without saving" button in Toolbar buttons should send an e-mail without keeping a copy in the "sent" folder. However, if MRC compose is installed, a copy is always kept in the "sent" folder, regardless of whether you use the standard "send" button or "send without saving".

    Fixed with 1.8.2, thank you!
    I can't find the addon "Send witout save" so I can't test it.
    Can you describe what is the conflict ?
    Mrc compose doesn't modify the "save" button. mrc compose enable/disable only the "send" button if there is at least a recipient.
  • Greate add, but after update to 38.0 I have a problem with this add.

    I'm using PKI, but if this add is runing thunderbird not sign my e-mails and every time when I want crypt. message I have notification to configure PKI.
    The problem has been identified and is being corrected. A new version will be available in next days. Thanks for your support.
  • Thanks so much!! I just changed two week ago from apple mail to TB and I was excited about its functionality and configurability. The only thing I really was pissed off was this cranky UI for addresses of mail recipients.

    I have to write many times mails to several but always different people. I always had to look up with the scrollbar who was already included as recipient. It happened twice to me, that I changed my mind during writing and forgot to remove a person, because I could not see who I have already added. With sensitive mails (e.g. in human resource issues) this could be disastrous!

    Your plugin is really a relief!
    Thanks !
  • Best addon ever! This functionality was sorely missed!
    Thanks !
  • Thank you for this add-on it is useful when you are sending to many addresses.

    It will be perfect if:
    - The email addresses are drag-and-droppable like in Outlook or Gmail. That way you can very easily move some addresses from To to Cc, etc.
    - Like Outlook/Gmail, have a delete button on each email address. So you can remove some addresses very easily.

    and it won't be perfect :-(
    because it would be too complicated to handle addresses as objects in the existing window. I tried... and it would require to rewrite the entire compose window !

    If you really want that feature, you can install addon "conversation" (https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/thunderbird/addon/gmail-conversation-view/) : the 'quick reply' mode behaves just like you want !
  • How it should be
  • Excellent !!!