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  • A perfect experience! I downloaded and restarted my brower. Options had documentation on how to drag the tool into my menu bar, then it was easy to configure. I had this from download to working in under 3 mins!!! The only complaint I have is that I click once to turn off and I have to reenable via the pulldown menu. But, this I can live with!

    This makes my network hopping so much easlier. Thank you!
    Actually this should be possible with a new click on our MM3 logo.

    See: http://www.Proxy-Offline-Browser.com/ProxySwitch/#Use

    With a click on the symbol MM3 you can change between the direct connection to the internet and a proxy configuration.

    Doesn't this work?
  • I tested all available proxy extensions.
    If there is only one proxy that should be switched on and off, use QuickProxy.
    If you have more than one, this is the best.
  • Nice there is a utility like this that someone made available for 3.0 alpha, but lets face it. this whole script thing is for the birds. how about a simple "basic" mode for a simple one line entry of the proxy:port ? if someone needs advanced, then click that tab for the scripting. Just my opinion.