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  • It can't save config on Ubuntu 11.10's Firefox, so it can't work.
  • Use it to switch between work LAN proxy and 3G connection (no proxy).
    Works brilliantly, great time-saver.
  • Is the first fully functional ProxySwitch for use with Firefox 4.0

    noProxy option, loads to firefox network settings only on selecting profile in combo. If you edit the settings and use the icon to switch, wont update firefox network settings.

    [home socks5= noProxy=localhost,, youtube.com]
  • Nice tools. Has some quirks, but generally nice.
    Version 2011 cannot load config file. Go to author site an use version 2011.100 to solve this problem. (http://www.proxy-offline-browser.com/ProxySwitch/)
    The bug occurred only into combination with SeaMonkey.
    The required correction is available on Mozilla now.
  • This plugin is in fact great and it does exactly what I was looking for: switching between direct connection to internet and a proxy configuration file depending on where you are. But unfortunately, the explanations are rather obscure... I had to search the internet and I found a very step by step approach to setting that plugin in here:

    Guys keep up the good work and many thanks.
    We will compare your documentation with our description to optimize these.
    Please, if passages which in any case should be changed exist, inform me.
  • Is an update to FF 3.6 on the way ?
  • update for 3.6
    Please download the MM3-ProxySwitch from our homepage.

    This version works also with the latest version of Firefox 3.6

    We have already uploaded the new version at mozilla.org.

    The updates are checked manually at mozilla.
    The update at mozilla.org is therefore delayed particularly at the major update of Firefox.
  • There is a bug in firefox 3.5
    Sometimes, the configure would disappear when I start.
    We tested with the current versions:
    - Firefox 3.5.4 Gecko/20091016 (default theme) with Windows XP Pro
    - MM3-ProxySwitch 2009.60 (see version: your Firefox / Tools / Add-ons)

    The reported problem doesn't occur.

    Please inform about your configuration.
  • Though this addon seem to simple, it just suit for me. Pretty good! Five stars!
  • I have been using this for a couple of years. At work, I work on three networks, each with a different proxy. Then I connect to the Internet at home so this tool save me a great deal of time.

    I did try a few other proxy tools but I find myself back using ProxySwitch. Great job guys.
  • This is the best Proxy plugin so far. Its small and has all features I need. 5 stars!
  • Brilliant! Never had an add-on work so well I wanted to review it! Does -exactly- what I wanted and more! Great work!
  • Works absoulutely perfect. The extensions switches automaticly since 6 weeks between my 4 networks and 4 different proxy/no proxy Accesspoints.

    If you figured it once out how the config works, it is easy and simple to build your own configuration which switches !automaticly! your proxy settings.

    Absolutely amazing and invaluable!
    Keep up your excellent work
  • Powerful, but may be hard to use for a starter...
  • Does exactly what I needed. Switching between a proxy & no proxy depending upon the IP address my machine is assigned. Thanks for the tool.
  • I suggest to add a "simple configuration" mode and make it default. It should be possible to add a new proxy in the same way as in Firefox. The possibility to customize it via the edit dialog should be optional. A user should be able to switch the configuration dialog into "advanced" mode, but it shouldn't be default.

    Also there should be some feedback about the current proxy in usage, just like the addon "SwitchProxy Tool" does it. Basically, it would be the best to have SwitchProxy Tool GUI with optional advanced edit mode as in MM3.

    So please, Mr. Developer, take a look at the GUI of SwitchProxy Tool. This is how users want it.

    And maybe a nice looking icon would be good too. The current one is damn ugly.
    We are pleased about every note for the improvement of the MM3-ProxySwitch.

    Some feedbacks are very different. We explain this by different application contexts.
    To take these into account, two different user interface would be necessary according to your suggestion.

    You probably have overlooked the symbol change for the two modes (direct Internet connection or proxy configuration) and the tooltip for the used proxy configuration.
  • Fantastic when you have to move your laptop/PC from one network to another, some with and some without a proxy.

    It took a while for me to understand how each directive worked in the script for a particular proxy.

    The key is that it tallies with the proxy settings, with the addition of defining key sequences.

    Highly recommended.
  • very useful, simple and efficient.
  • lovely .. thanks
  • This is perfect for what I wanted!! Easy enough to set up after reading the page (although for the complete techno illiterate a visual interface would be good) and works just like it says. Thanks very much.
  • Does not remember active proxy between browser sessions
  • excelent, just what i was looking for ! easy to use , switch on of on the fly !
    great job
  • I think this is the best proxy switcher out there, and with a couple of additions I would never need another one.
    I often like to switch to different proxies on the fly and this program lets me do that with a minimal effort.

    I would want it to have the ability to read a comma delineated list of my own creation from a file (if it didn't have a name for the server in the list file it could randomly assign one based on country of ip and dns) as well as test to make sure the proxy was working by loading a test page and reporting the speed at which the page loaded(in the selection menu, result of load speed). Basically something to keep me from having to go through the list of proxy servers manually by testing out if they work and allow me to choose the faster ones from the list.

    Also an additional button to cycle through the proxy servers instead of just one that sets it back to non proxy.
    Many thanks for your excellent assessment of the MM3-ProxySwitch.

    The entered configuration is saved in the file:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\MM3-ProxySwitch.txt

    We include this information in the documentation.
    Many thanks for your note that this detail is missing till now.

    Many thanks also for the suggestion for the further
    development/completion of the script.

    To such a function, till now, we hadn't thought.
    Unfortunately, therefore we cannot meet any statement concerning the realization at present.

    Is of interest for us:
    Which products have already such a functionality?
    Which experiences there exist with that?
  • If you just want to switch between several proxies/socks and the direct internet connection, this is the perfect firefox extension.

    You can easily define a list, and switch between proxies and socks in a click, then coming back direct with another click.. i can't ask anything more :)

    I was using quick proxy (just 1 proxy to setup), but if you need to use more than 1 proxy this is the way to go.

    I've also tried foxy proxy but it was too complicated to setup and overengineered overall, besides it hadn't a way to easily switch between different proxies, foxy it's just a way to automate the proxy-website combination as far as i understand, a completely useless task for me.

    So this plugin is perfect for the task :)

    thanks to the author
  • Although the alternative extension, FoxyProxy, has more features such as per-url proxy server selection, it was too confusing and had too much UI friction. Also I was a previous user of ezproxy but I was looking for something better.

    MM3-ProxySwitch is great because of the easy button interface and free-form configuration. You can back up just the proxy configuration with a text editor (Use FEBE for real backups, of course)! Also it can load the Internet Explorer proxy configuration (unfortunately you need to manually create an about:config key! but maybe this is for those Unix users who don't want to see "Import IE").

    The bad part is the free-form configuration. It is hard to figure out what the proper syntax is. Basically it seems like you cannot have a space in the name of your proxy setting, and the noProxy is a comma-delimited list of IPs or numbers without the ports. E.g. noProxy=.internal.example.com,internal2.example.com. Finally when the IE setting is imported, is the noProxy the same format? Can MM3-PS accept noProxy=*.internal.example.com for example? I though in firefox there is no * character.
    Unfortunately, the English description contained a description from the previous version yet.

    The lastest version is: 2007.480
    Download: http://www.Proxy-Offline-Browser.com/ProxySwitch/

    Blanks can be contained in the configuration name.

    [a test

    Is a help button missing at your text editor?
    You get a HTML page with the description of the keyword with help button.

    The Internet Explorer Settings can be imported now with the instruction:

    See: http://www.Proxy-Offline-Browser.com/ProxySwitch/#ImportIE

    You can type all settings of the Firefox in at: No Proxy for.
    You see the settings:

    Firefox / Tools / Options... / Advanced / Network / Connection / Settings...

    The Internet Explorer has more settings. What is possible is converted for the Firefox.