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  • Works well. Although, I did not install the latest version due to it's need for extended permissions.

    Also, it claims to be open source, but where is the source code? Please clearly link to it on the home-page!

    Edit: thanks for the speedy answer! So, for others struggling to find the code: un-install the addon, then right-click the "Add to Firefox" to "Save link as", un-zip the .xpi file. (and install again)
    Thank you very much for your inquiry.

    1) With the change to WebExtension by Mozilla some functions for the MM3-ProxySwitch could not be implemented. After further APIs of Mozilla were available we could offer not yet implemented functions again. However, these require extended rights.

    2) With an extension you can always look at the source code. You only have to unpack the extension with a ZIP program.

    If you need further information, please contact us.
  • Great tool, simple and versatile.
  • I've used it for years. Cute little thing. Clean, and simple to use. The developer's english ain't too good, but I can put up with that! :)
    As a free open source tool we ask the users to participate in the optimization.
    Please indicate which paragraph is not understandable and if possible already make a suggestion for it.
  • I like proxyswitch. It's simple and easy to manage. But I wonder why this extension suddenly requires rights to "Access your data for all websites". Can you explain that? Browser plugins can create serious security issues and be a target for people trying to snoop on lots of users...
    Switching to WebExtension some features of the MM3-ProxySwitch are missing. Many users asked for it, including the feature "Automatic switching" (testUrl).

    This feature is now implemented. This requires the possibility to check a URL for accessibility. This is implemented via a "HEAD" request to the server.

    We documented this in two sections:
    New: https://Proxy-Offline-Browser.com/ProxySwitch/News.html#2018.332

    Requested Permissions: https://Proxy-Offline-Browser.com/ProxySwitch/#Download
  • YEs it is great to have it working again as a webextensions addon, I hope we could get some of the old functionality even if we have to do some workaround or manual text editing (like the testURL setting, and shortcuts ).
    We are very pleased that we can offer you the two requirements in the new version.
    Please update your Extension MM3 ProxySwitch.
  • Забиваю в конфигуратор одним из пунктов
    При сохранении или проверке получаю выделение серым и зачеркивание названия пункта и ключевое слово "url". Соответственно, этот пункт не появляется и не может быть выбранным в выпадающем списке. Firefox 59.0a1 x64.
    According to our instructions in the software product and in this forum, due to changes of the browser Firefox the MM3-ProxySwitch had to be reprogrammed. The new interface of Firefox does not yet allow all the previous features. The currently possible features are specified, the keyword "url" is not included.

    If this feature is needed, Google Chrome can be used.
  • Работает, всё отлично! Спасибо!
  • It's simple! It doesnt query me "access to all pages' data" as other proxy-switchers. It works with socks :)
  • If the proxy status is off, it should turn to "on" automatically when a proxy is selected . Instead of turn the status to on manually , so convenient, reduce two mouse click. But just keep the "off" state(use the broswer's setting)-- when not using the proxy.
    When activating another configuration, the button "Switich on" had to be clicked additionally. This has been changed in the version 2017.482

    Due to the not yet complete previous range of functions, the usefulness of this keyword "direct" is limited. In the new version, this keyword is now named "active". This better describes the functionality.

    Please note, due to the many changes made in Firefox, the MM3-ProxySwitch also had to be redeveloped. The previous scope of functions could not be reached yet and the documentation is also not completely adapted yet.
  • I love this extension for years for its simple and convenient usage at all aspects (GUI, configure syntax, etc), comparing to other similar extensions. However, for the beta version 2017.461 which is migrating to WebExtension technology, is not as convenient as before (the one using XUL).
    1. In before if I want to switch off or switch on the proxy, simply clicking the extension button once is enough. Now it requires two clicks - click once to drop down the menu, then click once to select the menu entry of switch on/off.
    2. In before, there was a down side triangle which will drop down the candidate proxies for selection once clicked. If I select one pre-defined proxy, the proxy is selected **and switched on automatically**. Now in beta version, selecting proxy and switching on/off are separated operations. I need one more click if switching from proxy-off mode to with-one-proxy mode.
    3. the icon/button in the toolbar is not as bright as before when proxy is switched on, that is confusing of whether the proxy is on or off.
    In one word, I prefer the old way to interact with MM3 Proxy Switch. I am not sure if current behavior is due to the WebExtension technology. However, if possible, I wan to see my favorite extension can have the same way of interacting with end user as before, which is more convenient, I think.
    From Firefox 57, the previously used native interface (XUL) has been omitted, this caused a complete reprogramming with the new interface WebExtension of Firefox. This interface does not yet contain all previous functions. That's why unfortunately many details had to be changed.

    The previously used two-part switch with a one-click handling was possible, unfortunately no longer exists. That's why two clicks are needed now.

    The default theme has been changed from a light to a dark background. With a dark background, the MM3-Icon (button) is not clearly visible. This has been changed in the new version.
  • Very useful and convenient tool, but it doesn't support the modern firefox feature -- multi-process usage to effectively distribute the load.
  • if a gui for input proxy setting would be perfect.
  • Comparing with the well-known competior it wins for me.
    It has no artificial limitations for local IPs/domain names, which are especially useful for SeaMonkey (no proxy for mail servers).

    The config is the quickest and easiest, all in one window.
    IMO monospaced font will do better.

    It lacks proxy select based on URLs, but this feature is insecure so I don't use it.

    I'd preferred more flashy icon in order to see more easily if it enabled, but it can be modded by user.
  • I've been using this addon for many years and the plain-text configuration is simpler by far than that of any dialog-driven proxy addons. However I now need glob-based url matching and am at a crossroads.
    Should different proxys be used according to the url?
    Please, describe your requirement more exactly, so that we can check the realisation.

    Please, use for an answer my e-mail address: WebAssistant@MM3Tools.com
  • Works perfect and uses copyable plain text configuration instead of stupid dialogs. Thx!
  • love it .. work perfect with FF 18.
    Thank you
  • Works very well in Firefox 17 and lower, but is completely broken in Firefox 18; not any automated switching method works any longer, so the last entry is always selected. This could be because proxy handling was changed in Firefox 18.
    "Improved responsiveness for users on proxies (769764)" in http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/18.0beta/releasenotes/
    We tested with:

    - Windows 7
    - Firefox 18beta1 (default theme)
    - MM3-ProxySwitch 2012

    It works fine.
  • Works like an absolute charm as long as you give yourself no more than 5 minutes to learn the script, which I know most of you will find an absolute age, impatient, with your trousers round your ankles...

    But, author, PLEASE update your title and description - searching for "firefox proxy" this never turns up in the results and it should. One never remembers the thoroughly unimaginative name "MM3-ProxySwitch".
    Many thanks for your excellent assessment and your suggestion on a more meaningful name.

    We have adapted the description on your note.
    The descriptive name Proxy Switch is found in the add-ons.
  • its steal your proxys and post them somewhere!!!!
    The available entries are taken in the configuration of the MM3-ProxySwitch in the next version.
  • It´s not bad but I think it is too complicated to configure it.
    Also I didn´t get it to work right.
    So for now only 3 /5 Stars.
    I got it working now,some other proxy add-ons negated its effect...
    Anyway I like how easy it is to change the settings and also that you can change the homepage.
    Tested on Win7 / FF15 Beta 5
    5/5 Stars
    Please inform us about your request.
    We like to support you at the configuration.