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  • This extension injects a script hosted on s3 and includes a lot of functionality around youtube for some reason.
  • Kaspersky antivirus reported that this add-on contains a pretty nasty adware, and by the analysis it took it looks like that's actually correct.
  • funciona
  • doesnt work on https://eztvtorrent.com/
  • Works like a charm! Cut off a miner where the others I tried couldn't. Highly recommended to install as it can save your CPU cycles.
  • Hello. I have a problem since a few weeks in Coinbase. Until july, I could enter in Coinbase without problem but now the complement block it and show a blank page instead Coinbase. Are this web mining?
    Yes you're right, the site is currently on the blacklist (the blacklist became more strictly since version 0.54) and no, there aren't any running mining scripts on the site.
    Some scripts might use the web-wallets to store the mined coins, so the url landed on the blacklist. I'll change the blacklist in the upcomming version (will be published in a few days), to prevent this unessecary behaviour. At the meantime, you can just disable the blocker on coinbase :)
    Sorry for the trouble.
  • It worked great until it started reloading tabs for no reasons once for each tab. I don't know why it does that but I hate this behavior, so I'll find an other way to know when sites use mining scripts.
    I`m sorry to hear that. There seems to be a small bug in v0.53, when you disable the blocker. Thanks for the feedback, I'll upload a fix soon.
  • Great developer support and very useful addon!
  • Doesn't work on http://www.sdis42.fr/
    Hey, thanks for the hint. Seems to be a Drupal security issue.
    I've added it to version 0.53 :)
  • no funciona
  • Tut was es soll und das bisher zuverlässig.
  • Works at least for CoinHive.com.
  • Does not work on Portable Firefoxv58.0.2 from portableapps.com. I have firefox V58.0.2 but AMO is saying I have Firefox 50.0 and won't install Mining Blocker
  • So salon.com has recently offered mining scripts as an alternative for people using adblockers. It fails to detect it. This doesn't fill me with confidence that it operates particularly sophisticated inteligence.
    I am using an adblocker, and the mining script is running on my computer.
    Hello and thanks for your comment.

    I've took a look at salon.com, and there is only a active miner if you are using an adblocker. So the Mining Blocker won't be able to detect a Miner if there is none.

    But feel free to use the forum on mining-blocker.com, if you have any other questions :)
  • Nice!
  • really does the job