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  • Отличное дополнение!!! Благодарю. (((Жаль что я о нём раньше не знал...
    Установлено в версии "FF 56.0.2", минимизирует все совместимые приложения "Mozilla", где есть возможность сворачиваться в трее.
    Скриншот ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_5sentyabrya2018g.1536113773.png
  • Когда будет поддержка Firefox Quantum??
  • Please update this to work with firefox quantum :/
  • Works on Thunderbird 52.8.0 (32 bits) + Windows 10
  • Out of the date, if I may say so about last version released in 2016. Currently I am using 4t tray minimizer, but I have no idea how to use a professional mail client without tray minimization or autolaunch.

    Please, write your ideas in reviews.
  • Today updated my sistem to opensuse 15 and the addon no longer works still have the thunderbird 52, i hope this can be fixed :)
  • please add support for thunderbird 60.
  • Hello, I love your addon, thank you! But it's not compatible with TB60 (in beta for now). Any chance to fix that?
    Thank you!
  • Не работает в F59.02.
  • Где-то месяц не работает двойной клик по иконке в трэе.
  • works on 52.7.0 32-bit but the icon is out of focus and small. Usable but still needs the developer to work on it for full no glitch compatibility
  • Highly useful on 52-, really want on current versions.
  • It works ,although the tray icon is very-very small
  • ...with the new Beta version (59.0), it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't tell me it's incompatible, but it doesn't work either. Pity. Seeing how the last update has been made 2 years ago, I am not sure if this is going to be fixed or not...
  • For any settings, when I close main window, Thunderbird quits.
  • Installed on the latest Thunderbird (version 52.6.0) and it still works despite the website showing that this version is not compatible.
  • Hello, i really miss this addon for Firefox, so i use Waterfox, as for so many other awesome addons that stopped the developement aftr 57. Will you consider to update it for Quantum anyway?
  • Even better now that I can make the systray icon permanent. How long has that been an option?
  • Just download and install the add-in from the file. It works as it is on...(Windows 10)
  • I'm using this extension with Thunderbird 52.5.2 on Windows 10. When the icon is in the notification area, it's ok. But when it is hidden in the special tray (by default of Windows 10), the menu will pop up in the very bottom right corner with a very low height (about just one line). So I'm unable to use the menu.
  • Hey,
    I tried to get the addon working with the version I was using (beta: 58.0b2) but just couldn't. So in order to find out if it was me or the addon, I decided to test it on another computer, with the stable version 52.5.0 installed. And, well it immediately worked...
    Thus I came to the conclusion that the addon does not work with the beta version of firefox. Can anyone confirm that?

    I still give it five stars since it worked for so long and it was always one of the first things I installed, when I set-up a new computer.
  • It works great on Thunderbird 52+:

    1. Download the addon
    2. Unzip it with 7zip (for example)
    3. Open install.rdf file with your favorite text editor
    4. Find the block and update the em:maxVersion section to your version
    5. Zip files and change extension from .zip to .xpi
    6. That's it. Drag'n'drop it to Thunderbird.
  • It works only on Windows, not on Linux
  • Aqui a extensão continua funcionando no Thunderbird 52, porém é necessário instalar manualmente. Na página da extensão clique na opção "baixar assim mesmo" no local que diz que a versão não é compatível e guarde o local onde o arquivo foi salvo, agora abra a janela de complementos do Thunderbird, clique na engrenagem na parte superior ao lado da caixa de pesquisa de extensões, clique em "Instalar de um arquivo" e selecione o arquivo "minimizetotray_revived-1.3.2-fx+sm+tb-windows" que você baixou e instale o complemento, depois de instalado e reiniciado, abra novamente a janela de extensões, vá nas opções do MinimizeToTray e na aba "Principal" em "Minimizar para área de notificação" marque a opção "Ao invés de fechar" e dê OK. Pronto! Sempre que você fechar o Thunderbird no X ele continuará aberto como um ícone na sua área de notificação e pode ser reaberto com um duplo clique.
  • I have installed the add-on on the latest beta build of Thunderbird and it is not working.
    I cannot Minimize Thunderbird to Tray.