59 Bewertungen
  • Шикарно! Стильно! Красиво! Не напрягает! Анимированная тема! Жаль - не работает на Firefox Quantum!!! (анимация отключается)
  • It's simple, but the movement of the butterflies wings adds an elegant feel to it.
  • Love the Butterflies
  • im no newbie but this is the first animated theme ive seen. ( maybe am newbie ) anyway really awsome. like to see more. and thanks for bein my first. : )
  • Dark theme always awesome . The orange butterfly makes it pop
  • One of my favorite themes. My cat Tiger said she really likes to watch the "bugs" (butterflies).
  • This theme is so nice and dark with a hint of something alive to keep me company on-line. Why do my butterflies stop moving once I start browsing??? Such a shame, otherwise I'd give 5 not 4 star-rating, eh? Keep up the great work!