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  • Click the icon and nothing happens then the browser wont allow text to be added.


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    Thanks for the heads up, Dave! I'm happy to say I've submitted a patch/update and, once approved, your copy should update and start working again.

    Cheers and thanks for using MeasureIt!

    ~ Kevin

  • I love this extension but it does not work on version 45. Can you update it?

    UPDATE: it works again. Thank you!

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    Done and [almost] done, worldsdream! Once the updated is approved by Mozilla your copy should update and continue to work again.

    Cheers and thanks for using MeasureIt!

    ~ Kevin

  • жаль, что нельзя по диагонали.

  • This tool is an huge time saver when doing front-end development. Thanks!

  • It's a great tool that I used to use, as I'm a front-end developer, but it's broken in almost every version of Firefox Developer Edition... Currently I'm using the latest version of this add-on and it just doesn't work!

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    Hello Brunno. I apologize for the delay but it's been patched and, once approved by Mozilla, your copy should update and continue working again.

    Cheers and thanks for using MeasureIt!

    ~ Kevin

  • I absoultely love this addon. I use it multiple times everyday as I'm a front end developer. I have just started using the new developer edition version of firefox, and it's rad, but this addon isn't supported. I keep having to keep my old FF open just to measure things. Please update so I can keep supporting!

  • I love the fact that it gives the ability to estimate responsive breakpoints, especially in large screens!

  • Not working anymore with Firefox 41.0.1

  • Doesn't work on Firefox Development edition. When click on icon, nothing happen. Can you please fix this?

  • Nifty, handy and to me can't work without it. Quick measuring for any element. Excellent tool!

  • My only concern is that it disables Zoom, but I suppose I can just "train" myself to do all zooming _before_ I initiate a session with MeasureIt. Thank you so much.

  • Great addon! Thank you!

  • 6mo+ and still no love for Firefox Developer Edition??? Don't you think a fair number of your users are developers that have been waiting with bated breath for you to update this? This is a 5 star app.... when it's working.

  • please fix it for the Firefox Developer Edition !!!

  • It's quick. It's easy. It makes certain aspects of my design work much more enjoyable. 5/5 for keeping it simple.

  • Excellent addon it comes very handy but I was wondering if it could be possible to add a zoom at the pointer position to make the measure area selection easier and more precise, for example a non intrusive zoom area in the corner of the window magnifying the pointer position... it could be added like a menu option, I think it would be a nice and needed feature for this addon.

    Thanks for your work!

  • It's awesome and useful but not work in developer edition, why?

  • I have been using this tool for 3 years now and it works perfect. In the Firefox developer edition 40.0a2 it stopped working. Developers please fix it then i will put the Rating to 5 stars.

  • I've been using this add-on for years, and I love it. One of the most simple, useful add-ons!

  • super handy

  • graciaaaas! muy bueno!

  • I installed it. No icons appeared, no shortcuts. How to use it???

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    Apologies. If the icon doesn't show you can click on any toolbar inside Firefix and choose "Customize". Look for the little yellow ruler icon. Once you see it you can drag-and-drop it into any toolbar in Firefox for easy access. From there, just click the ruler icon when viewing a webpage then click-and-drag out a ruler of the desired size. You can also fine-tune the size of the ruler with the arrow keys. You can combine the arrow key presses with SHIFT to increase/decrease the ruler size by 10 pixels and/or CTRL to instead move the ruler.

    Hope this helps and gives you reason to give MeasureIt a better rating.


    ~ Kevin

  • Bastante útil.

  • Perfect

  • Probably the best pixel measurement tool I've used. It's extremely fast and saves me a ton of time. Thank you so much for developing and offering this tool Mr Freitas!