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  • worst AV what i ever seen. Microsoft just ruined everything what buyed

  • had a green square at all times so it never found anything but didn't do anything other than randomly dump my cookies

  • Какого это говнище не удаляется из браузера ? Какого оно включается когда захочет я автора ненавижу !!! гори в аду

  • спасибо ваша защита не нужна

  • Useless add-on does not bring any functionality whatsoever.

  • This Add-on must be fake...

  • You see, McAfee isn't the type of company to get bots to write reviews

    You see, i use it everday, it challenges my brain, and i feel like i am getting more intellegence

    My compputer runs slower, but it can't be from that. Its probably from NOTAVIRUS.exe that McAfee downloaded for me

    I never used this addon.

  • Strange Add-on...

  • Unabhängig davon ob man McAfee mag, verhindern dieses Add-On nur, dass die Adobe-Installer McAfee versuchen zu installieren, wenn bereits eine McAfee Software installiert ist.

    This add-on only prevents Adobe installers to install McAfee software if it is already installed.

  • I don't even know why there is an add on
    for McAfee ! Just get the full version of it.

  • What does Adobe have to do with the McAfee Security Scan!? They are two different companies. Also trustworthy McAfee products should be downloaded from the official McAfee website. Sounds like malware to me.

  • McAfee has the worst antivirus on the market now.

    They are so arrogant as to not allow you to choose the action when a virus is found.

    It's your PC should be your choice. Not with McAfee though. Ironically enough their software behave just like a virus would, slowing down and taking control of your computer.

    Now why would I want any McAfee software on my PC?

  • trashware

  • border line malware like all mcafee products