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I just found this and installed it for only one feature: To prompt me *once* for the master password at Firefox launch. I'd like to give five stars as this is working perfectly. But despite removing every timeout setting, inexplicably the master password locks a short time later. I really only want to have to enter it once for the browsing session, just like the native FF. A very nice bonus, the startup password prompt comes up *before* the first browser window opens. I like this a lot and would give 4 1/2 stars if I could. Also, a minor niggle with the 'about' pop-up box: It's too tall for my screen (netbook 1024x600) -- the title bar is off screen at the top and the bottom extends off screen. There are no resizing options, no scroll bars. Besides not being able to read it all, it's a bit of a trick to get it closed, as I can't grab the title bar until I use one of windows' tricks for bringing an 'offscreen' window back onto the desktop. Then I can close it.

EDIT: Thank you for reply. I did have that box still checked, as I thought it is for timing out the prompt at launch if no action is taken within the time period? (That would be a nice feature). Unchecking that box did the trick. I have modified my rating to five stars, as the one feature I'm using works perfectly now. Thank you.

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Double check the "Startup" tab in MP+ settings, make sure you have unchecked the "Auto-logout in" checkbox in that tab.

The about windows will be fixed in v1.20