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Warum wurde "MAFIAAFire Redirector" geschaffen?

Tired of seeing the illegal seizures of domains we got this idea where most people get good ideas... over a slice of Pizza.

There is a time to sit and and do nothing and then there is a time for action... the time for action was long overdue.

We thank god for the inspiration/idea to create this.

Was kommt als nächstes für MAFIAAFire Redirector

What's next? Well, you decide!

Come on over to http://www.ilovemafiaafire.net and give us your ideas or suggestions so we can give you the plugin that you want!

Über den Entwickler

Name MAFIAA Links
Ort Sweden
Beruf Burning the MAFIAA + pain in the ass to censorship! (We love our job!)
Homepage http://www.MAFIAAfire.com/
Benutzer seit March 29, 2011
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 4 Add-ons
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Wer ist MAFIAA Links?

We hate the RIAA / MPAA, but then again... we hate all rogues and rogue organizations.

Where we stand:
Censorship - Bad.
Child porn - Bad (totally against it)
Censorship using "child porn" as an (invalid and lying) excuse - BAD. (Sick of it as well.)
Corrupt / ignorant politicians worldwide - bunch of turds.

We will fight nearly all forms of censorship by big corporations or the biggest of governments - we fought it with "Redirector" then again with "Gee!".., and we are just getting started!