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  • Great solution. I use it to show how our voice recorder app works. Thank you.
    You're welcome. I am glad to hear that the add-on can be of help.
  • Works OK if url was created during the first load of the page. However if the url is changed from an ajax callback, the folder icon does not display unless you manually "rescan" page.
    Hi, thanks for the review. This is a known issue which is not addressed yet, see https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/24
  • As another latest review by user gsingh said, the add-on has great potential, but does not handle some of the most common ways people put local links in company local network pages. The local links which work in IE should work in Firefox. For most of the links in my company intranet, this add-on says "Cannot find link location".
    Thanks for the review. Did you find another addon in the meantime which can serve your purpose better? If not you can file a bug report here with a more detailed description: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues
  • First of all. Thanks for your efforts.

    I was looking for some firefox plugin which will help me open the local network links in windows explorer directly from webpage.

    Your tool is closest to my requirement.

    Issue description:

    On installing the tool, I see a folder icon next to all the local links on my weppage.
    Lets say I have a network path: \\XYZ\ABC\TEST\XYZ.1 which I like to open in explorer. On hovering over my link i see a tip balloon pops up and in this tip balloon, I see location of link as file:\\XYZ\ABC\TEST\XYZ.1. I also see another tip poping up at the lower left corner of firefox which is different . It shows : file:///ABC/TEST/XYZ.1. Then I hover on the folder icon which populated after installing the tool. The tip balloon pops up and suggests the folder icon will try to open the link : file:///ABC/TEST/XYZ.1 in windows explorer.

    On clicking the folder icon to open the link in windows explorer i see error message saying it cannot find the location.

    Expected result:

    The only way i think this will work if the addon tries to change the link to file://XYZ/ABC/TEST/XYZ.1 an open it in windows explorer.

    Please let me know if you need any more info.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Thanks for reviewing the addon.

    I can reproduce your issue. This is because hyperlinks are a bit tricky when it comes to UNC paths (i.e. network shares). As mentioned in the description of the addon the href part of the hyperlink must look like this in your case:
    Note, that we have 3 slashes after the file: part and then 2 (back)slashes for the UNC path. So in total 5 slashes.

    Does this help you? If it is your own webpage you probably have control over creating the hyperlinks and can change them.

    For further discussion please file an issue here: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues
  • Thanks for this add-on, I have the same situation as you had with wikis and lokal links. It really saves me much time, so this was the first add-on where I spent double proposed amount :-)

    One single issue: It took me some time to find out why it works perfect on my workstation and not so perfect on my laptop: obviously, it needs firefox history enabled, correct?
    Without enabled history, the icon doesn't show in the add-on bar, and the scan doesn't work.Changing the setting and restarting, it works perfect and vice versa.
    Can you confirm that?
    Firefox 29.0.1, local filesystem links 0.99.25
    But altogether a great thing!
    Hello Ryan. Thanks for reviewing, spending and issue reporting. Your report was great help. There were other reports that the addon was not working in certain occasions but now the cause could be pinpointed: the addon currently does not work in Private Browsing mode (under the covers disabled history is the same as Private Browsing). So I confirm your observation and I will investigate the issue. Until then it is a known bug.
    Best regards.
  • works as it should, thank you!
  • The add-on works like a charm on the PC.

    I have an asp.net / IIS application with links for opening network share folders. If I make the URL for the link "file://", then it works perfectly on the PC. On FireFox for the MAC, I see the "local filesystem links' folders, but nothing happens when I click on them.
    The reason is, for the MAC, you need "smb://", not "file:'//".
    Is there any way to have Local FileSystem Links work for "smb://" links the same way it does for "file://"?

    UPDATE 4/30/2014: I found a way to make it work on MAC without the need for Local File System. A great product, and was a project saver for FireFox on the PC. Thanks!!
    Hi thanks for the hint how things work on MAC. With the current version of the addon this is not supported. Technically it is probably an easy fix: I forwarded your issue to the issue tracker on github (https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/25) so it might end up in one of the next versions.
  • It won't install with Firefox ESR 17.0.7, which is the version used by my company.

    Could you make it work with this version ?
    Hi, thanks for your interest in the add-on. Shouldn't the ESR 17 be dropped by now? (see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Enterprise/Firefox/ExtendedSupport:Proposal).

    Anyway, older versions of Firefox are currently not targeted. Depending on your skill and time you might want to contribute and add the desired support. Here is the latest code: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links

    Sorry to have no better news.
  • ISSUE: It does not work under https connection because the folder image is not secure so the browser does not display it.
    Can you fix it?
    Hi, thanks for reporting. The issue will be tracked here: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/21
  • Thanks! Works well! :)
  • First of all, five stars for the job well done. I don't get the "add what I want, I'll give it another star" mentality.

    Would it be possible to add an exclusions list, say if I don't want local links displayed/enabled on certain web pages. Actually, I use Tiddly Wiki like the previous reviewer as well. Don't know about the older version, but in TW5 every wiki link gets the folder icon added, which is unnecessary and doesn't actually work (clicking on a folder gives error "Sorry. The following path could not be found: ...").
    Hi! Thanks for reviewing. Your feature request is already tracked here: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/4
    It is on the list to be implemented next. Hopefully around Christmas I find some time to do it.
  • this is an addon i use all the time with my tiddlywiki. would it be possible to port this to thunderbird?
    Great to hear that it is so useful for you. About the Thunderbird port: it is currently not planned but I added an issue for it https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/18 on the development site.
  • Latest version works with local HTML pages and internal network HTML pages in addition regular web pages. Thanks for the new feature!
  • Pretty much what I needed. Is there a way to make it seamless? Ideally I would love to be able to just click the link as opposed to clicking the icon this add-on adds. If that makes sense? Thanks for your time though, this is a brilliant add-on!
    Thanks for the review. I created a feature request from your idea: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/11
  • ISSUE detected:
    When clicking a link like \\server\share\folder,
    all available drive letters(form Windows) get automatically connected to \\server\share.

    Please fix this issue to make this Add-On work correctly.
    Firefox: 15.0.1
    OS: Win7 Prof x64, all Updates
    UPDATE: Problem only occours if the targe folder inkludes shortcuts(*.lnk). After deleting them, the problem doesnt occour anymore.

    5 stars vor this addon, assuming that this problem will be fixed soon.
    thanks for your bug report. I forwarded it to the github account for further tracking:
  • it's nearly exactly what I was searching for - in principle it's working perfectly.
    One problem is: when you are working with online WYSISWYG editors (like some WIKI systems) you will get an additional "folder" icon every time you are editing the "WIKI" page, since the webpage containing the editor will be parsed also.
    I have no clue whether this is "fixable " at all.
    For this reason I can't use the plugin - unfortunatelly.....
    Thanks for your review. I have created an issue from your problem description (https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/4) and added some questions which might help to fix the issue. Best regards.
  • It worked like a charm when I first installed it. I guess I haven't used it in a while, but now it doesn't work -- the auto link recognition icons are missing, as is the contextual menu option. I did upgrade to Firefox 12 since I installed the plugin, so maybe that's the problem.

    My company had been relying on this, so it's a real problem for me.

    thanks for the feedback. These are my thoughs and comments on your issue:

    1. If neither the icon nor the context menu works than this might indicate the extension is not loaded at all

    2. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?", i. e. did you uninstall it and then reinstall it?

    3. Is it showing up in the list of installed addons of your Firefox?

    4. I use Firefox 12 myself and I am not having the problem.

    5. How many Firefox installations at your site are suffering from the problem?

    6. There is a new version of this extension pending. So soon there will be an official update that might solve the problem

    7. Alternatively you can try installing one of the UNREVIEWED (no one except for me has had a look on the code) versions of the extension

    Best regards and good luck.

    For detailled issue reports please use the issue tracker on github:
  • Add-on is very useful, but unfortunately failed.
    Link to "file:///C:/test/" - works well.
    Link to "file:///C:/test,/" - does not work.
    Why is a comma problem is unclear.
    Hopefully can be improved
    Thanks for pointing this out. It is a known issue for this extension in versions prior or equal to v0.9. It will be fixed in v0.95.