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...pbok ..

Sorry about delay to your request..

Look under
Bottom of AddOn.> Load Tabs Progressively; [web page]...
Developer's Comments [Panel]

Click on link: "see complete version history"

Once there just scroll down to
Ver = 0 .9.9

"Right Click" on :
[Left Side]
Version 0.9.9 = (HyperLink)
Released June 4, 2010 8.2 KB
Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.7a5pre

= Save as Link

(Remember Location)

Leave Browser open= goto Blank page

Then Drag and Drop into:
"load_tabs_progressively-0.9.9-fx.xpi " file to ..>>
Blank {firefox web page}

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"You should "not" have 3 Tabs opening..?
(" ixquick..IT"..)
This is a Hard coded function in Firefox (20.+) .. Than can be silence and/or limited.."

I apologize for my brief statements.
In the Internet I have grown accustom to abbreviating, as much as, I can.
So, the grammatical structures of my written ideas suffer, because of this.

Since, the introduction of Firefox 20, Mozilla changed the default behavior of it’s web browser’s tabs function, where as, in the previous versions of Firefox. They would load one tab at a time (Unless you manually -right click).

The Tab function you mentioned in your comment...
““ I configured it to load just first tab, and immediately after I switch to it addon starts to load second one and so on.””..

The current version 20.+ now opens 3 tabs at once and/or ..Unless you disable it..
This new function is incorporated into the Options Menu >> Tabs.. “( Don’t load tabs until selected)”.
I have this option Unckecked.

Important to note: ...
Is,,,,That these “New” default tab function changes in Fireox 20.+,,, “BROKE” many Add0ns...


Many web users do not like to do web searches with the very intrusive and data gathering advertizing firms of Google Inc. (google), Micro$oft Inc (Bing) And Yahoo Inc.

Ixquick Search Engine...Infomation:
As of January 28, 2009, Ixquick no longer records users' IP addresses at all.
<>…“Ixquick returns the top (10,30,50,100) actual results from “multiple” (5) search engines. It uses a "Star System" to rank its results - by awarding one star for every result that has been returned from a search engine. Thereby, the top search results are the ones that have been returned from the most search engines. Ixquick also can search in 17 languages,”.. []..

So../ (" ixquick..IT"..) .?
By this.. I mean there might be other and/or additional preferences changes (About:Config), That can assist you in making the new Firefox 20.+ new tab features changes, less damaging (Silenced or Limited), and ,,, to assist you with the functions of your “older” incompatible add0ns. I suggested you do a web search = With Ixquick.!.

In short and /or In a nut shell..:
The less usage of Firefox 20.+ new tab functions, the better and faster Firefox version 20s’ will work for you.

It is for this reason I suggested to let Tabmix+ do most of the work with tab functions in Firefox 20.+.

I have FF current version 21.0 ( Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:21.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/21.0) working with
Loadtabsprogressively _Version 0.9.9

It is with hope, this more detailed description has clarified your questions..

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Thanks... BarTabBeta:
It nice to know someone has read my comment on mozillaZine forums.
But it sounds like you still have some Firefox 20+ .. "Default / Tab functions active"..?

Let... TabMix+ (Fantastic) -Add-on... do the work of Tab functions..
You should "not" have 3 Tabs opening..?
(" ixquick..IT"..)
This is a Hard coded function in Firefox (20.+) .. Than can be silence and/or limited..

Disabling Firefox Health Report =[about:healthreport]
This is an "Automated" tab function..

Uncheck-All_.. data sharing with Mozilla in [Options .>. Menu]..
This is also an "Automated" tab function..

Note: You should see a big boost with your tabs loading faster..

IN: Your / Firefox profile. Type "%appdata%" (without quotes) ..Look for multiple, sequential "prefs" or "sessionstore" files. You can safely delete any duplicate files.

Version 0.9.9 is a liitle glitchy.? ..but This addOn working at 98% is still better than anything out there..

It is with hope... That some-one with the knowledge of Firefox will fix this Amazing add-on to work @ 100%...

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This was one of my must have Add-ons for my FF..

But, upgraded to 20.0.1, and now it does not function..
Tried changing max version in install.rdf =File corruption occurs

Followed suggestion of turning off FF / Tab option same result..

Hope someone can make this compatible with new FF..

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Vista-Ultimate32-SP2 (x86) [U.S.Version]
Pale Moon 9.0.1

Great Add-on...!!
Why..?..Is this option "not" available with Firefox Browser..?
Nor is it available in TabMix Plus..?

This Function should be optional for Folders also browser...!!
loading single Tab not only from initial start-up Launch of Browser and opening... remaining tabs with mouse..mouse-hover...(Current -Function)...

But Also; when opening all tabs in any individual Bookmark folder...


Opening all tabs in any individual Bookmark folder progressively =Faster Page loading

wish list::..?
Option:...tabs open with mouse..{mouse-hover}...?

This add-on is greatly appreciated.....

Again Thank-U