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Thanks... BarTabBeta:
It nice to know someone has read my comment on mozillaZine forums.
But it sounds like you still have some Firefox 20+ .. "Default / Tab functions active"..?

Let... TabMix+ (Fantastic) -Add-on... do the work of Tab functions..
You should "not" have 3 Tabs opening..?
(" ixquick..IT"..)
This is a Hard coded function in Firefox (20.+) .. Than can be silence and/or limited..

Disabling Firefox Health Report =[about:healthreport]
This is an "Automated" tab function..

Uncheck-All_.. data sharing with Mozilla in [Options .>. Menu]..
This is also an "Automated" tab function..

Note: You should see a big boost with your tabs loading faster..

IN: Your / Firefox profile. Type "%appdata%" (without quotes) ..Look for multiple, sequential "prefs" or "sessionstore" files. You can safely delete any duplicate files.

Version 0.9.9 is a liitle glitchy.? ..but This addOn working at 98% is still better than anything out there..

It is with hope... That some-one with the knowledge of Firefox will fix this Amazing add-on to work @ 100%...

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