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  • I really love this.
  • Dear developer Luben Karavelov. I have a big screen and the progress bar is very thin!!! My screen is 2560x1440, and with the 200% scale on my screen (Windows 10x64), the line looks very thin/not fat. I have already increased its size in Options, but it only made the progress bar a little thicker. Can you, please, make the maximum progress bar thickness 300% instead of today's 100%, please? This will save my eyes! PS This extension is one of my must-have extensions. It helps me relax while I am waiting until the page finishes downloading. PSS Thank you for adding that thickness feature. Now it works as I asked, and my eyes feel great!
    released v0.18 that let you choose ticker progress bar.
  • Thank you sooo much Sir Karavelov for making this cool extension!

    Keep up the good work.
    We Love You.

    P.S: Kindly add the feature to see the load-progress of tabs that load in background please.
  • I'm a developer myself and I've always wanted to create something just like this, but it looks like someone already did. Nicely done.
  • It doesn't show up. The standard download arrow is still there.
    Using Win10 (Build 17134) and Firefox Quantum 63.0.1
    This add-on is about the web page load progress, not download progress.
  • I'm sure this works fine for other users, but I'm on Windows 10 [1709 update] using FF63 stable release and it seems to not work at all. Was pretty excited about trying it out though.
    Can you try v0.16 - it may fix the issue?
  • Super Like, thx for your effort ...really appreciate.

    I will check in Linux also, if you haven't made one for Linux then kindly make one for it also. At home I use only Linux, office have to use Windows.
    Yes, it works on Linux, enjoy!
  • Wonderfull add-on. Now I know what I missed. Thanks.
  • nice to have
  • This should be a built-in feature!
  • Does a great job for what it's for. But there is still one small bug that sometimes the loading bar progress just moves back and forth. It's a known bug it seems. Until the bug is fixed, I cannot give it 5 stars although I really like the add-on.
    This is now fixed and will not go back.
  • Works as expected, nothing is more wonderful than knowing the loading status of the page you want to consume.
  • This is a cool add-on. Must have, This should be a built-in feature!
  • neat!
  • Don't work for me
  • Cool
  • I like it!