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Great Addon. I've been using Hyperwords for many moons now and it sure does help with browsing and searching for things online, Id be lost without it now. The latest update seems to have a few bugs in it and after emailing them, there fixing it as we speak. There very fast as updating and correcting any bugs and they maintain it very well. Hyperwords is so useful, you can set it up just like you want, add your own search engines very easy by simply just right clicking in ANY search box anywhere and click ad to Hyperwords, in doing so, say you was reading a review about a game, you could just highlight the game title and search using your custom search. for games i have mine set for gamespot, so when i highlight a game title it searches gamespot for me, same thing for other sites you want to add. It also has many many sites already added, so you could just leave it as it is, This is just a tip of what Hyperwords can do. Trust me if you do allot of browsing and researching things then this will help you heaps and bounds, i just cannot list all the things Hyperwords has to offer as it has so much. Brilliant addon well highly recommended great work team hyperwords, would be lost without it, i couldn't speak highly enough about your addon it serves my needs so much i would totally be lost without it, Best addon for Firefox by far. THANK YOU!!!

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