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  • Sorry to preach to the choir, but I was eagerly updating Link Alert as well only to be puzzled by the icons not moving with the cursor, having a not so nice framed-look and even stay on the screen sometimes when I minimize Firefox, only to find out on this page what was going on. I reverted to the old version and am perfectly happy with it.
  • Tooltips now? Oh dear...

    As mentioned by several others, the tooltips idea is a BIG step backwards. Aside from the comments above, since its now a tooltip, my Ubuntu system now consider it a 'window'. With that, come all the window effects, making look completely out of place on a page.

    Can we please - at least - put an option in there to choose how we want our alerts (inline or tooltip)? Until then, it's farewell LinkAlert... Oh..trying to choose a rating and it's so annoying.
  • I'm giving you 5 stars because of how much this addon used to rock, but please, like everyone else is saying, get rid of the tooltip thing, especially because I have Stylish installed which has a tooltip style in it that makes your beautiful addon look terrible. Please either add an option to remove tooltip mode or just remove it completely, your addon was awesome without it.
  • Annoying "Tooltips mode"
    Frankly speaking, I dislike the current updating (version 0.9) due to its newly introduced annoying "tooltip mode". For instance, I used to put my mouse on a URL of a RSS sources to see its abstract. With LinkAlert version 0.9, two tooptip boxes will be poped up - one is brought by LinkAlert, the other is the original/default one. These two tooltip boxes are overlapped, that prevent me reading either of them easily. Finally, I decide to switch back to the older version - - until some update was made on this point.
  • After using this very useful extension for ages I've now disabled it because of the way the icons stay on screen even when FF is in the background. Whatever changed when the new version for 3.5 was developed feels like either a step backward or just something that doesn't work very smoothly. Hopefully a future version will iron this out and I'll be able to re-enable this (former) must-have extension.
  • Thank you for Link Alert, but I will continue using v0.8.2.1 (due to the new tooltips).
  • The tooltip mode is distracting, and extra text from links is now shown next to the icons. This complicates things for those using 'popup alt attribute' to display multi-row tooltips, as you now get a single and multiline tooltip at the same time. I can deal with the new method of displaying the icons, but the added text needs a way to disable it for those getting their link text via another plugin.
  • Honestly I liked the way the icons had been displayed before. The tooltips are not ideal. They stay on the screen if you have firefox in the background and they don't look as nice. I like the icons to be next the the cursor, it looks more professional.
  • Very usefull!
  • Well, I used to love this extension to death, but now that the icon is displayed in a tooltip, I'm not so sure anymore. The tooltips look (in my opinion) much worse than the previous "show-right next-to-the-cursor" mode - would it be possible to include "classic" display as a selectable option?
  • Please update it for FF version 3.5. Thank you very much!
  • you can get 0.9 (compatible with FF 3.5) on developer's official site
  • Please add Firefox 3.5 compatibility
  • Please add Firefox 3.5 compability
  • LOVE it but I can't use it anymore. Please update for 3.5. Please?
    For those of you looking to use Link Alert in Firefox 3.5:
    The new version has been submitted, it may take some time to be made available, in the mean time, you can install it by clicking "See all versions" and check the box that says "Let me install this experimental add-on."
  • LOVE it but I can't use it anymore. Please update for 3.5. Please?
  • Pretty sweet idea!!! Very customizable! It's great!
  • просто прекрасный плагин, с ним очень удобно и приятно работать, сидел раньше на опере, теперь меня ни в какую с мозилы не выгнать, спасибо разработчикам чудесной программы
  • Works great in Ubuntu
  • Great Idea, but it doesn't work on Firefox 3.0.7. Do you think you could make one that does work?
  • I love your extension! Now I don't have to watch browser's bottom line every time I'm clicking a link and I can determine instantly whether to open a link in a new tab or just press "normally" it (in case link calls javascript function or so on)

    I just figured out that link alert doesn't recognize links with no real anchor (for example: http://example.com/#) correctly and shows "link to anchor" image instead. This kind of links are usually used to trigger a javascript event.

    Keep up the good work, cheers!

    - Henri Hesse
  • Awesome extension. It is great to know the what the target of links are. Very helpful when I don't want to open pdfs or word documents while browsing. Keep up the great work! I would also suggest having ppts be enabled by default in the options menu.
  • I'm using Firefox 3.0.5 on Linux Ubuntu 8.10.
    The problem is, when moving the cursor over a .deb file to download, it doesn't recognize this file type and it doesn't show the .deb file icon. So I go to the tools menu > add-on submenu and then right-click over Link Alert and select preferences.
    I set everything, check those boxes and on the advanced tab, I add a new specific system default icon to handle .deb files. BUT for some reason after closing the link alert- options (preferences) window, nothing happens, nothing is applied and when I get back to the preferences window, I see that none of my previous set has been applied. As a result, all check boxes remain UNchecked and the file extension I just added no longer exists.

    What is happening? Is this a BUG? Is there a workaroud?
    Excellent Add-on though. GREAT job!
    Keep up the good work dude!

    And if you have any news please let us know!
  • no funciona
  • I think "Link Alert" makes
    spending time in the Web safer.
    Imagine: You approach your mouse pointer to a hyperlink; and you see an icon and think: Why is this format of data needed? For what do I need this file?
    It is also good to know, whether the file wants to open in a new tab and whether it is external; I don't think, you want to look in the source code for that littleness.
    Not to mention, that the icons are looking nice.