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  • Awesome addon! One of the ones I always be sure to add to new installs of FireFox. :)
  • Easy and efficient as all great things are.
    Thank you!
  • Muito útil! Funciona perfeitamente
  • 5+
  • Link Alert conveys the information effectively without distracting me; I know what the link is without thinking about it.

    One suggestion: Make the icons for secure sites and insecure sites more visually distinctive. There is only a tiny difference between them. Perhaps make them dfiferent colors?

    Thanks again.
  • Very usefull!
  • Such a small mod but so useful.

    There are many ways it's helpful, such as to know whether a link will open in a new tab or replace the one you're in (if you're on a site with endless scroll you'd lose your place, or lose text you've entered).

    It's also helpful to know if a download link points to the actual file or if the link goes to a 2nd download page (it's annoying to "save link as..." on a link to later realize the link wasn't the actual file).

    It's also helpful to know if a hyperlink is javascript, because it usually won't work to middle-click on it to open in a new tab.

    Those are just a few examples.
  • Hello!
    Like really great extension! I had the same kind of Maxthon ^ ^ that is his that I had something like that!
    I like the personalization system ... but the trouble is that we do not know exactly what icon belongs to what extent ... For example for the applications icon is related to what kind of file types?
    If you have a list of descriptive icons and extensions appear in the following overview of the cursor I'd be really happy! Thank you for this add-on, good luck ;)
  • As advertised. Great plugin anyways!
  • Does what it says. Useful. Sometimes a bit distracting.
  • Очень очень хорошее дополнение
  • Nice job!
    I had a script in Opera which did this, and I had been waiting to see this in FF.
    The ability to customize the tooltips/box as well as adding your own icons->extensions/protocols/etc. is a great feature.
    Thanks a lot!
  • It help me know what,safely open link!I wise you update!Special thanks to you!
  • Really I wish FF had some of these installed by default, especially the "opens in new window" and PDF icons.
  • Has become much more reliable since my last rating.
    Advanced settings is complicated without help.
  • Works well on FX4 Windows. But a bit confusable to set additional options. Pity there's no instruction on the author's website.
  • Actualice para Firefox 4.. ;P
  • Great in Firefox 3.x, but really needs to be upgraded for Firefox 4.
  • For me, the new versions of this addon never worked as well as, and I recommend installing this version and not the new ones.
    To make it work on Firefox 3.6 go to about:config and set a new boolean extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6 to false. For details see:
  • I have used this addon for a long time and I've used it since it was first developed. This is one of the first addons I install when I have a new Firefox installation. I know if a link is a pdf file, opens in a new window, etc just from hovering over it.
  • Unfortunately only seems to work for me on 1 out of 10 pages I visit! Something to do with other extension conflicts? NoScript settings? Great idea but oh well.
  • Great addon.Know what the behind the links.
  • Beautiful add-on.
  • Testé et approuvé, très pratique. Merci beaucoup =)
  • Thanks for fix :)