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I am interested in languages and I wanted a open source translation add-on that supported Irish translation among a bunch of other languages I speak. This has become difficult since Google started charging for calls to their translation API. Bing supports two dialects of Klingon but like most other translation services does not support Irish. I imagine others have a similar story for their own languages particularly if you speak a language that isn't as well supported as English. This Add-on let's you use Google, Bing or a custom web accessible translation engine for any combination of languages you need. Hopefully this will make language discovery (lingodisco) an easy and fun method of language learning.

I developed this addon while experimenting with the Firefox Jetpack Add-on toolkit. This add-on scrapes a translation page loaded in a hidden panel to get a translation instead of using an API as most other Add-ons do. Google has no minimum free number of calls to its service using the API for some time now so this workaround may contribute something new.

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This is a pet project of mine and I would like to develop a community around this add-on to add more translation services and localize the add-on to as many languages as possible. I have tried to develop this software to make it easy to localize but I would be interested in removing concepts that are hard to translate. This add-on is free software so I'd be interested to see where people take it.

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Name James Cooley
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