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I've had Collusion since its inception (before it was added to Addons site) and it works fine on every version of Fx that I have had.

I just upgraded Fx 17.0.11 ESR to Fx 24.2.0 ESR. Collusion that was on Fx 17 was changed to lightbeam on Fx 24. It does not work. I have a blank page and cannot see a graph, clock or text.

I like Collusion. Lightbeam doesn't work so I can't review it properly but since it doesn't work at all and I can't see where to get support, I am rating it with one star. I would rate Collusion about 3-4 stars.

There is no place except here to report problems. Mozilla's lightbeam website link in the support section here gives a 404 errror and github link doesn't appear to active or a place for users to report problems.

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I've been using Collusion since before it was available at Addons. Why is Lightbeam not available for Fx 17.0.10 ESR? I think the way us ESR users have been treated recently is awful and this is just another instance of how Mozilla is not really serious about Fx ESR.

Is this available for Fx 24 ESR? I will be automatically upgraded to it in December.

I like Collusion and I use Disconnect also which keeps Collusion much cleaner as far as third party contacts. I would assume Disconnect should be used with Lightbeam also. Collusion has display problems that I would hope are fixed in Lightbeam. It's a shame I can't try it since I am using a SUPPORTED version of Fx.

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I thought the ORIGINAL Collusion available only from the author's website was fantastic. I had it on Fx4 for quite some time. But this version offered here does not work on Fx4 and I can't find a copy of the original version to reinstall. It was a better extension when NOT offered here but offered independently at the author's website.

On Fx 10 Enterprise, this Mozilla extension version also does NOT work at all. At least, on Fx 10, this version does give me the icon in the bottom right corner of the status bar but Collision just gives a solid black page and never shows me a graph.

The earliest version which worked great I loved so for those of you who can get this current buggy version to work I am envious.

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This WAS a great extension. But when I updated it just now to the current version it no longer works. I was not warned that my Fx 4.01 is too old for the latest version. Addons should have refused to install this latest version. I had 0.14. How do I get that one back?

Ever since I got this last year, I have kept a tab open all the time showing Collusion and what is tracking me. I think this is must have extension for everyone but don't try putting the current version on older versions of Fx.

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