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I've had Collusion since its inception (before it was added to Addons site) and it works fine on every version of Fx that I have had.

I just upgraded Fx 17.0.11 ESR to Fx 24.2.0 ESR. Collusion that was on Fx 17 was changed to lightbeam on Fx 24. It does not work. I have a blank page and cannot see a graph, clock or text.

I like Collusion. Lightbeam doesn't work so I can't review it properly but since it doesn't work at all and I can't see where to get support, I am rating it with one star. I would rate Collusion about 3-4 stars.

There is no place except here to report problems. Mozilla's lightbeam website link in the support section here gives a 404 errror and github link doesn't appear to active or a place for users to report problems.

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