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  • Excellent!!!
  • nice concept & implementation; nice documentation; thank you
  • I'll give it 3 stars, because it works and it does what it says. However, even when I completely whitelist a page (youtube comes to mind), page loading is still very slow. If every bit of js on a page is whitelisted or is clean, then page loading needs to occur at normal speed; otherwise the add-on is very limited in its usefulness. I would prefer that it work more like NoScript in terms of page loading.
  • Version 6.0.8 is already out. Can you update it?
  • Great addon but .. Please, for exception for addon anonymox that use custom jquery. I know anonymox isn't open source but nothing bad makes.
    Problem is also with open source project Diaspora for social services. Thanks for fix.
  • Sumamente intrusivo y rígido, deja las páginas en blanco sin dar ninguna explicación o reporte, no permite agregar la página bloqueada a una lista blanca temporal o definitiva desde la propia página; el manejo de la lista blanca es sumamente deficiente. Es una pena porque en otros aspectos cumple lo que promete
  • Good idea, but a bit obtrusive. The notification on the page only says "complain", without saying what js file is obfuscated, and has no easy option to un-block.
  • Does what it says on the box.