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  • I give 5 stars because I support the FSF, however this plugin is not reading some licenses present on the current version of WordPress at /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js and wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js
  • It would be nice to know exactly how you know whether a bit of code is free or not. Does the file have to put little licensing blurbs in every file on their site saying that they have to comply with certain terms of service that a group of people say are acceptably free? It's as silly as someone saying "address me as Lord Firefox." It sounds like a silly, toe cheese eating, impractical concept.
  • It does not block proprietary scripts. It says that a page has no scripts, but a page has lots of proprietary js, and they are working. (I tried to create a bugreport with steps to reproduce on savannah.gnu.org, but the register page does not work lol) Also, librejs is VEEEEEERYYYY SLOOOOOOW, Firefox freezes for 20-30 seconds while librejs is trying to analyze scripts.
  • GNU for life.
  • More convenient than the old XUL one, makes me want to use it again. (And I did installed it just now.)
    Feature Request: Can you add a button to temporally allow current page's domain?

    And it's better to add another button to let us temporally disable it conveniently.
  • Addon makes website freeze
  • Some websites will make the entire browser freeze up if they do not adhere to whatever standards LibreJS has.
  • Issues reported by users earlier seem to be fixed.

    GNU LibreJS is a programme unlike any other and is of great value to any freedom-valuing user.
  • D
  • Crashed Firefox during loading the first new tab after installing the extension. Sorry, doesn't work at all for me.
  • Moins d'une minute après avoir installé le module, Firefox plante.
    J'ai testé en ouvrant différents sites et le plantage se répète. Plus aucun problème après avoir désactivé le module.

    Firefox portable v48.0.1
  • Everything tested with a stable version of Firefox and Dev Edition.

    So here is what this add-on did:
    1. It crashed (both) Firefox directly after installation.
    2. As a web dev I tried to adjust some external JS files using magnet URIs. This resulted in:
    2.1. At first one file was recognized as "free", but it was at the same time recognized as "non-free" in the view.
    2.2. Later all of my files were recognized as non-free even though all had magnet links marking them as free. There was always a "parsing error" shown in the list.
    2.3. The default excluded libraries do not include jQuery 3.1.0 (the latest jQuery version), so I could not use the hard-coded excludes as they were just outdated.
    3. The option to show what LibreJS currently analyses slowed down the loading process of the website dramatically and I could not see anything. So I basically could not use this option.
    4. LibreJS broke -Fallbacks, so it is even worse than if you would have JS completely disabled.

    Also the design is ugly, but this is of course very subjective.
  • It's nice to see that someone is finally standing up to all the non-free JavaScript that's spreading on a large portion of the world wide web lately.
    I consider this a must-have extension for anyone who cares about his freedom.

    I just have a little suggestion:
    Could you add a button to allow some non-free JavaScript to be executed, but without "whitelisting" the website, i.e., just this one time, allow a site to run the non-free JavaScript.
  • Very nice idea!

    Can you please add support for Pale Moon?
  • This add-on instantiates the ideas of the free software movement. It improves security because non-free scripts are more likely to be malicious. However, it needs some fixes to attract more users. Some modernization efforts will also be great. Emphasizing security, privacy or ease of use would be a good way.