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Works absolutely Zero on a mac.

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I can finally block Pinterest.
Thank you.

Pretty comprehensive tool to fight procrastination with some anti-loophole measures. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I was looking for a Firefox equivalent to Chrome's "Stayfocusd" add-on, and this is the best alternative I have found. It has some options that Stayfocusd does not have, and vice versa, but I think this should be the go-to for anybody.

What I like the most about LeechBlock is that you are able to set up separate timers and block lengths for different websites, even separate groups of websites! This really helps you map out your "online schedule". You could set yourself ten minutes for all social networking sites a day, along with an hour of Netflix for example. This flexibility is not found often in these tools.

The UI and associated fields seem fairly simple to use; you should be able to clearly understand what everything does. When I first set the add-on up I wasn't sure if it was working correctly because the timer would not update (normally has a few second intervals). But the next day it worked fine; perhaps it was restarting the browser that kicked it into place?

It's very convenient to add websites to your block groups, in fact it adds a context menu to your right click.

There are several anti-loophole measures in this addon that allow you to restrict access to blocking options for websites that are currently blocked, or even disable your access from the add-on completely, and disable about:config access. Depending on how terrible of a person you are. But I think that if you are particularly appalling you will be able to find a way to disable it even with all security measures.

Upon looking through the FAQ I found there was a way to do what I suggested; internet-wide blocks and employing a whitelist. However, I think these functions should be illustrated on the UI itself, as they are quite important and it isn't obvious how to do these things, at least for the average user.

Other than that, I highly recommend this.


Thanks for the review!

You can do an internet-wide block and whitelist using wildcards and exceptions:

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I'm so thankful for this add-on! I really needed to take a break from sites like Facebook and Hulu, but it became so automatic for me to type those URLs into my browser when I was bored or taking a break. I truly didn't even realize I was doing it anymore. LeechBlock allows for so much user control, including times, dates, and specific URLs. Thank you for getting my productivity back and helping me with my "fast" of certain sites.

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I really like this addon, it's great, you can specify as many block times as you wish, but it lacks a whiteleast really bad. I want, for instance, the ability to block a domain, but whitelist one of it's pages. I'll be disabling it now until this is corrected. But from what I've seen, this is the only thing it's lacking. Thank you for the great addon, keep up the good work!


The option to whitelist pages is already implemented:

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Firstly, siteblocker apps are great. This app automatically gets at least 4 stars just for being this kind of app. :P

However, it's gettin' FIVE, cuz this one gives you so much control over how you block things. Not only does it allow you to create multiple block sets, but EACH set lets you set an infinite number of timeframes when that set is actively blocking. I'm glossing over a lot of details and stuff with this add-on, but it just lets you do so much. Thank you for being such a good add-on. :D

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please open source

edit: ah! sorry. normally open source add ons will have the source available with each release with a "view the source" button. thank you.

Open source

LeechBlock is open source, released under Mozilla Public License, version 2.0. Just download the XPI file and unzip it; all the source code is there.

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I love this addon! It stays current and adjusts whenever my least favorite website tries to worm it's way back in.

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I needed this for so long. Can't believe it has taken installing this for me to sort out my procrastination. More productive than ever now!

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One of the best addons ever. No more wasting time on forums or imageboards. The only thing I wish it could do is check if the Youtube video I'm watching is pointless or not!

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Downloaded it a couple of hours ago and I am already enjoying the powerful control it gives me on how I spend my time. I also like the multiple blocking options it provides. Five star material!

Get your time back Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

THIS is the add-on that will really make you more productive. Combine it with Mind the Time to find on which sites you waste most of your time.

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thanks i have a real life again.

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The interface isn't the most user friendly, but I still love this add-on. It's the only way I can make myself not much.

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Great addon. UI could do some work but it's accepable. One thing I couldnt figure out - how to know the time when the site will be unblocked if it's currently blocked? This would be very useful as I wont then keep checking whether it's come back.

Takes Learning. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

You really do have to learn how to use the program to get the best use out of it. That said, after thoroughly exploring the program there are very few alterations I would make, and at this point it has what it needs to keep me focused (which is saying quite a bit). This is an excellent program. If I wasn't a poor student, I'd be more than happy to toss some cash at it; and I hope someone in a more fortunate position than me does. Thanks for making it.

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Works great

Wildcards are great! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I like the way I can block a whole category with something like*jeep*

That way I can't even search for new sites to waste time on!

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This is what i needed Perfect for me.
I have decreased my time in wasting at Facebook and other sites

the context menu on webpage should have option to add current page to block list Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

currently it has option to add the entire site to the block list