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  • Great
  • 设置右键不显示图标菜单 但是还是有个图标在右键菜单
  • I cancelled my LastPass subscription and removed LastPass forever. They dumped their Firefox support long ago and haven't updated this extension since forever. For a long time I've experienced very slow Firefox performance, and not only that, but my whole PC would freeze almost every day, causing me to hard reset. All that was due to LastPass extension. As soon as I removed it, Firefox became WAYS faster and my freezes finally stopped. Please abandon this for good. BitWarden is way to go.
  • Très instable et manque de nombreuses fonctionnalités.
  • still login problems with the firefox (x64) extension
  • Have a lot of freezes because of this add-on. Firefox is constantly complaining about it slowing down the sites. Unusable without a fix.
  • I really can't think of any reason to give it less than 5 stars. If I buy / build a new computer, I just install the LastPass add-on, log in, and all my saved passwords are there.
  • Love this password manager. I can create as difficult a password as I want, or a simple one. It works on my computer and on my phone so I am never without my passwords. This allows me to have different passwords for all my different sites for better security. I have been using this software for years now and don't know how I could ever live without it.