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  • Honestly why can't it stay logged in when I tell it to? Firefox is the only browser where this extension doesn't work right. At least this one lets you log in now - a couple versions ago it wouldn't let me log in to save my life even though I was using the correct password. Do better.
  • Lastpass is great but please add the feature like in chrome where you can easily copy and paste the username and password without having to open the file
  • Why cant lastpass ever get there app to work correctly in firefox? Every other browser runs lastpass fine but every other lastpass update for firefox is broken. No context menus one minute, cant log in another minute, lastpass autologin and settings options wont remember last state or it simply fails to work at all. This nonsense happens so often that you would think that the lastpass developers are some of the most incompetant developers out there. How can you put out new versions knowing full well that every subscriber who uses firefox will have a completely inept and buggy version of the software that many people rely on? and you do NOTHING to fix it... days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and as usual even the pleas from your own forums stating the problems are ignored. Stay away from this garbage addon. you would be better off sticking a post-it on your monitor with passwords written on it becuase sadly it is 100 times for reliable then this junk.
  • Since lastpast has been sold to logmein, there is a lot of bugs. I was a premium user for 3 years until I found out that the price is now 24$ (instead of 12$) it's not much but it doesnt worth it with all the bugs and the lack of updates
  • When i tried to login the dialog close surpresive! I cant usedit!!!!
  • I used LastPass many years, but i really disappointed for recent few years. i found just some visual changes but any improvements on ux when they updated the system few times. at last, even the login box is disappeared on my firefox 62. i started to think about finding some other similar service.
  • I was going to write a detailed review, but decided against it. Suffice it to say, the Firefox add on breaks about every other Firefox update, LastPass doesn't seem to be in any hurry to fix it, and frankly its pretty annoying. Lastpass itself works pretty well for me on Android and Chrome, but on Firefox (which I prefer to use on my laptop) its pretty unreliable at this point. I'm now in the market for a different password manager.
  • I have been testing LastPassword for about 2 months and its hard to understand what its doing! I've asked for support help and get a short replay which doesn't help. Some how my MasterPassword was changed (pilot error) and after that quit working I was told to remove LastPass and start over. Guess what? You need the MasterPassword to delete your account. The only hope now is the 10 free reset
  • To use LastPass on many sites, I have to open the database, enter edit and then copy and paste. ANNOYING!
  • Works well on Android - but the copy Password functionality doesn't work for Firefox when using with Ubuntu 16.04 and KDE. Very annoying to go through Edit, reenter the Master password - highlight and then to copy from there - also everybody behind me can read the password while doing this, as I need to display it in cleartext to copy it.
  • Have trouble logging into Ebay with this extension. Other than that it works well.
  • Easy to use. Customized items. Family option is great idea at affordable price.
  • Como muchas cosas del universo LastPass, se queda a la mitad, teniendo unas grandes posibilidades... Funciona bastante bien, el baúl es útil y la generación de contraseñas también. No obstante, su funcionamiento y a nivel estético no estan del todo pulidos. Hace falta seguir depurando la app y extensiones...
  • Using on forefox mobile on an android device. can not log into addon thus making it useless. Works great everywhere else (and app wont fill in for firefox either).
  • My "Respect AutoComplete=off: allow websites to disable AutoFill" setting is NOT checked. But on more and more sites/more and more of the time, it acts as if it is checked. FYI, I've paid for 2 years for LastPass, but the support still wasn't very good, and now I'm searching for something that is still able to log me in to most sites. My experience is that bot community and paid support are often not responsive to these concerns.
  • Disappointed in recent versions of LastPass, at least on Firefox. Now unable to log on at all since last update. To use LastPass on many sites, I have to open the database, enter edit and then copy and paste Don't know if issue is LastPass or Firefox- can you guys work this out? Used to work great. Realize security issues make change necessary, but this feels like it is going backwards.
  • Thank for this addons
  • Lastpass would generate passwords but do nothing when I wanted to use them.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!
  • Less than perfect but more than 4 stars. A very solid 4.5+. I have been using LastPass for several months now and I thoroughly enjoy its feature set. Occasionally it will glitch when changing or signing up and assigning a new password, but rarely. Other than that, it performs exactly as I would want a password manager to function. Always available and never in the way. I highly recommend LastPass!
  • Good
  • Rough around the edges and full of little interface bugs that make it feel like it isn't fully baked. When logging in, the panel isn't big enough to show both the email and password fields let alone the actual login button. Navigation within the menu is not very well integrated and has a lot of hidden features that only show up if you know where to hover your cursor. Not touch-screen friendly.

    Recently it's started throwing JavaScript errors when sending a text to my phone for multi-factor authentication.

    However, it does everything it needs to do and does it well. This plugin is very useful and a must for my day-to-day browsing.
  • Hidden data collection with no visible opt-out. All you'd need to do to check this is to go into the debug mode for extensions and debug LastPass.
  • Lacks basic features. Cant even copy username/password.
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