5.699 Bewertungen
  • LastPass has been my companion for years now. I use it on my computers, my phone, share it with my family. An excellent tool that never let me down. I highly recommend it.
  • It's so slow, especially when using reddit that I have to disable it when I'm not using it and then enable it again when I need it. I'm kinda stuck using it now since I have unique passwords for everything stored in it.
  • best extention ever
  • LastPass has plenty of seriously better competition. It does not play well with Firefox which makes it completely useless for me and many other browser users who will not use browsers from Google or Microsoft (especially the latter).

    Even worse, LastPass seems to require more permissions than many of its Firefox-friendly competitors do. Why the extra required permissions if not to track, build marketing databases, or simply annoy the end user with unwanted notifications or spam?

    Any permissions not absolutely necessary for LastPass to provide its most basic function as a password vault utility ought to be labelled as optional and default to a disabled state unless the user expressly wants to activate a feature that is not strictly required for LastPass to perform its basic function.
  • This addon is working worser and worser... Actually I don't have possibility to fill inputs for Google Accounts and also I have problems to fill quickly inputs on other websites.
  • We have been using LastPass for a few years now and it has been great. It works on Android phones and web browsers running in Windows and Linux.