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  • Doesn't seem to work for me, except the first free example provided by the plugin itself. Registered my university emails, and tried to access articles from nature, Science and PRL, but all returned "PDF not found". Further test reveals that I need to connect to my university network environment via VPN to make it work outside the campus. Once VPN is stopped, the plugin stops working immediately. Well, if VPN is necessary, I don't see the point of using this plugin in, since PDF files are available via one-click anyway once you've located the article.

    I am adding this in response to the developer response, which I appreciate very much. I followed the link https://kopernio.com/library-setup to try to set up for off-campus access. The first page says that I should NOT need to do anything unless I have trouble if my institutions are on their list. In fact, it is on the list. Then the next page explains how things work for off-campus without using VPN. Namely, one needs to use a proxy or Shibboleth authentication for the first time, and then the plugin will store the credentials for future uses. These are the routine methods one normally use, but self-storing the credentials and turning them on automatically when needed does sound saving some trouble. Nonetheless, what I am disappointed at is why I have to do this set-up while my institution is on the list. Anyway, I am gonna upgrade the star rating from 3 to 4.
    Thank you for your review.
    Kopernio can verify your affiliation off-campus through a couple of different authentication methods.
    We'd be happy to assist you if you could please email us at help@kopernio.com.

    Alternatively, you could request off-campus support for your library via this online form: https://kopernio.com/library-setup.

    Many thanks,



    Thank you for your updates.

    If your university is on the list, and you still can't use Kopernio off-campus, then it might be caused by an outdated/broken proxy integration.
    We are keen to resolve that and hope to get Kopernio up and running for you.

    As off-campus support is set up on a per institution basis, we will be able to investigate it once you share the name of the institution. Please email us at help@kopernio.com.

    Many thanks,

  • 就是文献加载慢
  • I'm trying it now!!
  • Simple UI plugin to alleviate the pain of searching academic papers. Loving it.
  • Such an easy way to access research, all in one click! Amazing!