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  • This extension is free, which i'm thankful about, but it doesn't have any of the databases that are used. For example, the promotional info said "works with you" and gives you the option of Google, Web of science, Pub med, Springer link, Meta, and Whiley online library.

    Currently the only databases that can be searched is Pub med, Web of Science. Making searching databases for the topical material i need useless.
  • This add-on is supposed to help functionality for users of university accounts who have access to Web of Science and other online resources. I installeded it on the prompt of my university system.
    I've found it completely superfluous since I already have this access via my university.
    Further, and annoyingly, when launching the browser it regularly opens a new tab to advertise itself, which is completely unnecessary (since its supposed to work in the background) and irritating since there's no way to turn off these additional tabs.
    I can't really see the point, but I'll stick with it for now, in the hope that the developer fixes the hugely irritating reminder tabs, and that it eventually proves useful.
    I expect the modus operandi is to sell data about how university staff and students are using online resources, though there's nothing about that in the EULA. Happy to be proved wrong on that but I remain suspicious and a bit irritated by this add-on just now.
  • Awesome!
  • good!!
  • one of the most useful library add-ons
  • i can use it w/o activating vpn
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak