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  • I think this addon is the best one of dictionary addons. HOWEVER - It is not working: every word prints "no definition on ... ". Im using FF 31, the latest one. is that a problem of my computer only?

  • Thank you for fast respond.
    I rated it by five stars because it really worth this.
    I appreciate your irony and sence of humor, but let me explain in my hobbling English what I mean.
    1. I understand, that to represent the result from several sites, the addon must collect all data from them, extract the needed part from each one, assembly the extracted data into one message block (even with voice abilities) etc. Obviously all this requires deep, thorough and complex parsing.
    By I ment something else (I wrote - on own risk of user).
    2. Now - what I ment.
    2.1 The addon has excellent mechanism of sensoring - Ctrl and cursor on the chosen word. No highlighting, no clicking - simple and excellent!
    2.2 The output doesn't open neither tab nor new window - this is the second strong advantage of addon.
    On other side there are many ways to involve many search engines by given search pattern and search engine shortname, but it isn't so comfortable.
    In other words user can define the url with search sign, for example, http://translate.google.com/#auto/ru/%s where %s is the sign of pattern itself.
    2.3. So, if it is possible to use your addon as a shell, that will send the sensored by cursor+Ctrl word, involve the search engine by given by user url/urls and return the data in such honey way - it would be great!
    Of course, for original set of sites it'll make parsing.
    Moreover, if user will be able to assign shortcut to each profile the Ctrl will be reserved for original set, and other profiles will be involved by other shortcuts.You should understand, that your addon in addition to parsing intellect has a gold, fantastic shell that is worth to use more wide.Thank you.

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    I understood your point (thank you again :) ), and I'll try to update KitaDic so that it can have a UI window for setting up user-definable sites. btw, last week my dev box had a HDD failure and things went slightly ugly - KitaDic source was on that HDD - and now everything came back to normal :) Cheers.

  • can i replace wiktionary with google as the default dictionary?

  • great addons
    chrome has this type of extension called google dictionary
    i was loking for simile addons for Mozilla. thanks

  • thx for ur effort
    I think this app is the best of the best
    Thx so much

  • Powerful in its elegance, transparent operation and effectiveness. This is a perfect example of an extension you DON'T want to be without. 5 STARS

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  • I'm using firefox 3.0.16 under vista. Seems it doesn't work. I get the 'post-it' shape window saying "* Unable to parse the query result from wiktionary.org". If I click on it, it opens the result in a new tab. But what makes this add-on interesting is that clicking and opening new tabs is, or should have been, superfluous. Good idea thoughㅡ and great expectations.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    I have completely rewritten Wiktionary parser part, so the 'unable to parse' error will not bother you anymore. The latest version is in sandbox and waiting for review. You can install it by following this URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/file/75242/kitadic-0.3.026-fx.xpi

  • Really great!

  • I've added it to my second browser to play around with. I use Answers and Hyperwords here.

    I am looking for (actually Shyiskhar is) a dictionary to use in the same way with irc-clients.

  • I always needed to open a new tab to search a word meaning. And it was very annoying to me. KitaDic save my life.
    This addone is wonderful, I just add it to my extension, found nothing worthless.

  • This add-on has potential, it even translates (or tries to translate) foreign words into English, but it doesn't notice special characters, so that's not much use (e.g. in Polish word "możliwość" it only notices the middle string "liwo"). The main minus is the fact that there are no options, so you can't e.g. change the default behaviour - I don't want boxes popping up whenever I hover the mouse over a word. That for me is the idea of browsing hell ;-)

  • Doesn't seem to work for text typed into a text box, which is what I was really looking for. Also, I kinda agree with the poster who was annoyed about having to park the mouse on empty screen space. I think I would rather have a right-click option to view the definition.

  • Cool, this is the best lookup I've ever tried. Good job Kita. I'm kida lazy to do a click + shift / tab combo and love the idea of using mouse pointer.

  • Hi its really good.. Keep ur gr8 work..

    wel one irritating incident that i found, when composing a mail @ gmail (rich text format is enabled), and when kitadic was toggled on, moving ur mouse ovr the words, the window quickly jumps in and it stays in the compose window.... ;-) ;-) ;-)

    but is was fun ;-)

    I guess it would be easier if ter is a shortcut key to toggle kitadic on/off..

  • really good

  • 2.5/5

    This add-on sticks a sometimes enormous window over your webpage to show you the definitions of words under your pointer.

    That seems to work well enough. Yet amazingly, for such an intrusive action, there are no preferences available at all.
    You CAN'T determine such crucial things as the response time, a trigger mechanism for the action, or the style of the definition box. All you can do is turn it on or off.

  • I think you should be given more credit from the Wikilook developer who forked your code and idea. What I like is the simplicity and ease of use by simply enabling/disabling from the status bar and only having to highlight the word with the mouse. Much easier to use than anything else I've seen. Thank you.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    This extension was developed for those people who read online articles and need to constantly look up unfamiliar English words (like me). For them, the looking up process should be least obtrusive. Thank you for remarking the 'simple usage' approach of this extension :)

  • Works perfectly fine. very helpful!

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    Thank you for the comments. Suggestions are welcomed :)

  • While yes, it does live up to it's description, it makes me nuts having to park the cursor on an empty space all the time. Otherwise you have this popup constantly trying to define words in your face. Will be uninstalling. I feel you need to have some kind of trigger, such as highlighting the word, or an keyboard toggle. The idea is great, the application for myself anyway, flawed.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    There is a single-click "Deactivate" toggle icon on the bottom right corner of Firefox (the smiling person with heart). You can turn Kitadic off with the icon when it becomes cumbersome.

    However, I'll consider 'highlighting'. Thanks for comment :)

  • does what it should and how it should, has a toggle icon in status bar and waits enough for you to stay on the word

  • You learn fast to "park" you mouse on empty space after u clicked link, LOL.

    It is good, definitely worth trying. But it would be awesome if it define only highlighted words, and that would allow to check definition of idioms...

  • I'm thinking of extending this add-on to work with other wiktionary language version and traslate it into my native language, Vietnamese...

  • I can't download & install this extension. Firefox ko